The Way of Love for the Lord
(Julia Kim's intimate Conversations with Our Lord by His Guidance)

13. Where in the world did he go? (May 1, 1981)

Chapter 13. Where in the world did he go? (May 1, 1981) 

I put my hand into my pocket unconsciously and felt a 500-won bill. Then, a notion was put into my head that I wished I had given it to him. Thinking that I would give it to him, I was about to come up to him again, when the bus arrived at last. I asked, “Is this bus going to the Gwangju bus terminal?” “No!” said the driver. Then I turned around and was startled to find him gone.

Where in the world could he have gone in that short moment less than 2 seconds? I asked those around, “Didn’t you see the old man who was leaning on the stick? He was here just now.” They all replied with one voice in surprise, “Uh, he was right here a minute ago. How strange!”

I searched the nearby area for him who had disappeared in the blink of an eye, but couldn’t find him anywhere. ‘What! There is no alley. Then, has he soared up into the sky or vanished down into the earth?’ I was just standing absent-minded and lethargic, when it occurred to me that he might have been Jesus. So I looked down at my left shoulder, for when he said okay and patted me on the shoulder three times, it had stained my shoulder with dust.

Therefore, thinking that if he had been Jesus, there would have been no stain of dust on the shoulder, I looked down at it. To my surprise, the stains of the dust had disappeared completely.

I had made it a rule that before going to confession I first took a bath, heard the Lord’s word through the Bible, said the prayer of contrition, and dressed up. On that day I had been wearing a new dark-blue dress in the nick of time. Therefore, even if it had been a small amount of dust, it could have been easily noticeable.

However, I found that the dust staining my shoulder to the extent of the handprints being seen had disappeared and my dress had become clean.

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