The pain in reparation for Abortions 

"Because of abortions, many souls are walking toward hell. I have to implore with tears like this to save those numerous souls. I intend to save their souls through you, through your sacrifices and reparations. How can I not know the pains and agonies that you endure and offer up graciously? Now, would you participate in the pains of the little babies who were abandoned through abortion which is the result of their merciless parents’ outrageousness?" (May 12, 1987)

"Because of birth controls and abortions, I am suffering extreme pains as if my abdomen were being torn apart. Because of the misconception of the dignity of human life in consequence of human cruelty and desecration, little lives are roaming about in limbo after having been stripped of human dignity and being treated only as a lump of bloody flesh. Pray for them and soothe their wounds. And offer up atonements for the sins being committed at night." (Nov. 5, 1986)

"My Heart aches intensely because of the unstrained use of birth control. Prevent abortions and pray for those who carry out abortions." (July 7, 1985)

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