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2022Message of Love from the Blessed Mother received by Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on March 20, 2022

Message of Love from the Blessed Mother
received by Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on March 20, 2022

 At 3 a.m., I was meditating after I offered the Prayer to Jesus of Mercy in Glory before His Holy Image. At this time, I noticed that the image of the Blessed Mother weeping Tears started to move.

The image is located within the frame of the Holy Image of ‘Jesus on the Cross at Mt. Calvary,’ which is enthroned next to the Holy Image of Jesus of Mercy in Glory in my room. I looked at the Blessed Mother’s image and exclaimed in surprise, “Mommy!”

At that instant, the image of the Blessed Mother gradually became larger and stood alive to the right of Jesus of Mercy in Glory. 

The Blessed Mother was holding a Rosary in Her right hand and the Scapular of Jesus of Mercy in Glory in Her left. She was looking at me full of compassion and began speaking anxiously yet tenderly.


The Blessed Mother :

My beloved little soul who joyfully and most devotedly obeys My Son and Me (心悅誠服), My adorable little child who strives with all her heart and strength to the point of total exhaustion (盡悴)! This world which greatly offends God, is already in a state of extreme disorder. 

However, the Prayers of Life which you offer unceasingly, even amidst pains as terrible as having your flesh and bones being cut off (刻肌削骨), are consolations to God the Father, the burning Sacred Heart of My Son Jesus, and My Immaculate Heart.

If it had not been for the obstacles of interference (走前出足) from evildoers who resort to all sorts of plots and tricks (權術), Naju would have been recognized by now, and the Church would have accepted the Five Spiritualities fulfilled through the life of My little soul. 

Everyone could have been united in solidarity to practice these Five Spiritualities with great sincerity. By doing so, their souls and the world would have been transformed, and the Second Pentecost would have eventually taken place.

Although you are being persecuted because of the violence of Satan who has infiltrated the center of the Church, you have not grumbled. 

Instead, you willingly offer up pains, even when you are near-death (命在頃刻), which are more severe than suffering and death on the cross (Translator's note : This refers to Julia's previous experience of suffering and death on the cross on several occasions), for the repentance and salvation of souls, especially for those who are like beasts with human faces (人面獸心). 

My good daughter!
Even though your front tooth broke off amid such excruciating suffering, you could not go to a hospital because of the pandemic. 

Instead of worrying, you offered the Prayers of Life, praying, “Please completely remove the wickedness of all the sinners in this world,” and when the people around you were shocked and worried, you instead consoled and comforted them by saying “I feel refreshed.” By doing so, this Mommy’s Heart felt limitless joy too.

Your Prayers of Life that you have dedicated by graciously offering up everything in all circumstances, and without any complaint, might look trivial and insignificant in the eyes of worldly people. 

However, these Prayers of yours are the flowers of consolation which can fill, again and again, the abyss that lies between the greatness of My Son Jesus and the lowliness of human beings who are being shaken and tossed around like a boat in the sea (漂船). 

How could God the Father not grant your earnest desire?

My poor beloved daughter who is in constant pain at every moment and every day! My extremely beloved daughter who only wishes many of My children would receive graces, even amidst experiencing the intolerable pains as if you had suffered broken bones! (折骨之痛)

 The Scapular of Jesus of Mercy in Glory that you devised was not of your own accord, but was what My Son Jesus and I wanted. Then, what are you hesitating for?

The Scapular of Jesus of Mercy in Glory, made by repeating the countless Images of All the Signs bestowed to Naju thus far, is the inseparable (不可分離) love from the Lord and Me, which is high, deep and wide. Thus, it will be the Armor of the Holy Spirit to keep and protect you.

In order to let even miserable souls receive the grace of repentance and healing, you have placed those Signs of Love countless times even into the string of the Scapular. 

Such earnest desire of yours will be realized as it is. Therefore, do not hesitate, but make haste to work on the Scapular and spread it throughout the whole world.

All My beloved children in the world! Always wear the Scapular of Jesus of Mercy in Glory and offer up “A Morning Prayer of Entrusting Yourselves to Me” by kissing your Scapular when you wake up in the morning. 

Whenever you kiss this Scapular with complete trust and utmost devotion, and offer "Morning Offering Prayers" and "Prayer to Jesus of Mercy in Glory", My Son Jesus promised to grant you an indulgence.

The souls who wear this Scapular and practice the Five Spiritualities will always be protected by My Son Jesus and Me, and their souls and bodies will be healed according to the earnest desire of My beloved daughter, My little soul. 

I will always accompany all My children who wear the Scapular of Jesus of Mercy in Glory. They will not lose their way, and I will cover them so that even the arrows of fire that devils launch at them do not dare hurt them.

In addition, the souls who pray wearing this Scapular which is the Armor of the Holy Spirit, through the grace of repentance, will undergo less suffering at the time of their death and will avoid the fire of hell. However, please inform them not to take it as an amulet with vain delusions and illusion. 

To the clergy, My beloved sons, whom I can put in My eyes without feeling any pain (*It means that She loves them so dearly), on March 25th, during the Mass of the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord, together with all My beloved children, please consecrate the whole world especially Russia, Ukraine, and North Korea to Jesus of Mercy in Glory Who will be returning in Glory, for the repentance of My children of the whole world. You should pray more for their repentance and unity.

I have so often repeated the same words which are the remedies for the numerous calamities that are now happening everywhere throughout the world. In this time when the epidemic is so rampant (猖獗), pray and pray again for an end to the war that has shed blood and lost precious lives given by God.

Satan and the devils, who are My enemies, are intensifying human pride, greed and competitive spirits (好勝心). They are instigating fights to kill one another endlessly and scheming toward the apocalypse of the world. For that reason, this world is facing imminent dangers and is in crisis, while at the same time ignoring warnings from God the Father.

My beloved children! The place for those who are like beasts with human faces, is only the sea of sulfuric fire, Hell. Therefore, make haste to be awake and pray.

When you clearly realize the simple truth that even light feathers accumulated together in large numbers can sink a boat, display the power of love more energetically, practice the Five Spiritualities, and heroically offer up your utmost loyalty, Heaven is yours. Thus, do not forget that now is the best time for you to repent.

When God sends a warning, sufferings will follow. However, if you repent, comply with My requests and practice the Five Spiritualities, you will see the day that your opponents and critics regret (晩時之歎), and the cup of God's blessings will descend on you instead of the cup of His wrath.

Then, when My Son, Jesus Christ, returns to this world, you who have been working in union with My little soul, will emerge with Christ in glory. On the last day, you will possess the tree of eternal life and enjoy Heaven filled only with joy, love and peace.”


What happened while Julia Kim was writing down the Message

On the night of the 20th of March, while I was writing down the Message from the Blessed Mother I received earlier of the day, I heard a voice, “Child! It has been hard for you amidst the intensity of pains you suffered to the point as though your flesh and bones were being cut off (刻肌削骨), hasn’t it? Since you have already suffered enough so far, take a rest from now on.” I immediately recognized that it was the voice of Satan disguised as Jesus. So I sprinkled Holy Water right away and recited the exorcism prayer. At the same time, I also blew my breath forcefully while praying “Jesus, please do with me!” I did it because I knew that Satan detests my breath. Then he ran away, saying, “Damn it! What an obstinate bi*ch! She doesn’t fall for it! Why is her breath so powerful?”

In the afternoon of the 21st of March, while I was going to write down the additional details about my broken tooth, the Lord made me realize that it was the devils who broke my tooth. When Fr. Su came to give me the Holy Communion for the Sick, I told him about the attacks from the devils; “The devil keeps making my tongue touch the sharp edges of my chipped tooth every time I speak, which hurts my tongue. But whenever it happens, I can offer it up as the Prayers of Life for the conversion of sinners committing sins with their tongues and this brings me joy! Even though the devils broke my tooth due to hatred for me, it actually helps and encourages me to offer up more Prayers of Life” and I gave glory to the Lord.

When one of the volunteers was making a confession, I needed to go to the bathroom. However, I got so dizzy that I had to grab the wheeled stand to support me. While sitting on the toilet, I heard some faint sounds. Recently I learned that tinnitus can cause a person to hear different types of sounds, so I thought, “Do I have symptoms of tinnitus?” Meanwhile, I heard some whispers.

“Since that bi*ch’s mouth was used as a ciborium and chalice, many graces have been granted through her breath. We must stop it from spreading. That bi*ch broke one of her teeth, but instead of complaining, she is glorifying Jesus again. Let’s snap another one of her front teeth.” Then, another devil said, “Shall we do something to her mouth so that she cannot blow her breath?” The other devil said, “Let’s break that bi*ch’s hand so that she will not write down the Message nor do the work (for the Lord).”

Then, another devil said, “Oh, why do we need to do that? Let’s simply kill her. We should have killed her before so that she couldn’t depict the Holy Image of Jesus of Mercy in Glory.” “Yes, that’s right, now as we had planned, the war broke out and is going well. Were it not for this bi*ch, Without this bi*ch, we will gain victory and this world will be ours!” I was able to accurately understand all their words though those vocal noises passed by swiftly.

So, I tried to pick up a bottle of Holy Water, but then I heard the voice of Satan. “All of you, lift up that bi*ch and throw her down severely to her death. You quickly, quickly kill that bi*ch!” Then countless devils lifted me up and hurled me down in a flash toward the bathroom floor. When I was being thrown down, I hit the wheeled stand and it flew into the room. And I bumped my chest and lips hard against both edges of the wooden support in the bathroom. At that instant, a large number of devils rushed at me to try to kill me and they ruthlessly beat me up.

Upon hearing thumping noises and my own desperate screams while I was being thrown down, four of the volunteers ran up to me in surprise. Mr. Peter Kim said he thought that I would have massive wounds on my face, teeth, and ribs as he pulled me out from my crouched position, stuck between an iron machine and the edge of the wooden support.

He said the scene was so terrible, but he was surprised when I exclaimed, “Lord, be glorified!” amidst the circumstances. At that time, I could hardly get up as I was knocked down severely. Only after spreading out a large towel under me could the volunteers drag my body out of the bathroom.

My whole body ached all over since I was being attacked by the group of devils. My shoulders and neck were heavily swollen and very painful to the extent that I couldn’t move. My lips were injured after I was knocked against the edges of the wooden support; the inner part of my mouth was so seriously wounded by the cut of my teeth.  Also a piece of my bone protruded from my wrist. Satan and the devils concentrated on attacking my right wrist to prevent me from writing down the Message since they didn’t even want a single word from the Blessed Mother’s Messages of Love in Naju to be known to the world.

Amidst all this suffering and although I couldn’t even get up, I gave glory to the Lord while singing praise joyfully, “Glory and Praise to the Lord!”, together with Fr. Su and the volunteer helper. Then a devil who hated what I was doing in giving glory to the Lord, struck down the special medicine which a volunteer had brought for me, to prevent me from taking it. He began yelling,

“You bi*ch, even in your old age, what kind of pain are you trying to offer up? The world would still be fine even if you do not offer up pains. Why would you offer pains even at the verge of death although there are not many days left for you to live? Live a comfortable life! This obstinate bi*ch…!” Then the devil knocked over the special medicine, which drenched all my clothes and it was very hot. But after sprinkling Holy Water around the whole room, we gave glory to the Lord while singing praises and raising our voices, “Glory and Praise to the Lord!”

I must have injured my face severely, but there were no visible external wounds. The other front tooth which must have been loose and broken, became more firmly fixed in its place instead. This was done by the Lord Who touched my face and healed the external wound on it when I offered up the Prayers of Life to give glory to the Lord under the devil’s deadly attack. O Lord, be praised and glorified forever and ever. Amen!

Explanation for the Chinese words used in Message of Love

盡悴/盡瘁 : Striving with all one’s heart and strength to the point of exhaustion
心悅誠服 : Obeying someone joyfully and with utmost devotion
刻肌削骨 : Cutting off one’s flesh and bones. Excruciating pain
權術 : All kinds of wiles done by any means necessary to accomplish one’s purpose
走前出足 : Stretching out one’s foot in front of someone while that person is running. Interrupting someone while that person is completely absorbed in some work.
折骨之痛 : A pain of broken bone. Intolerable suffering (suffering which is very hard to bear)
不可分離 : Inseparable. Despite trying to separate one from the other, it's impossible to detach both of them (not able to break apart)
妄想 : Delusion. Absurd thinking which makes no sense
虛想 : Illusion. A vain thought which is useless
符籍 : Talisman or amulet. Bujeok (Korean Talisman paper): A paper with red letters or patterns used to prevent disasters and drive out evil spirits.
猖獗 : Being rampant. An epidemic spreads rampantly out of control.
好勝心 : A will to win others at any cost
晩時之歎 : A belated Lamentation(regret). Lamenting out of feeling of regret for missing a timely opportunity/chance

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