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2022Message of Love from the Blessed Mother Received by Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on December 8, 2022

December 8, 2022, the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary

This day was the 35th anniversary of the enthronement of the original miraculous statue of the Blessed Mother in Her former Chapel and also the 4th anniversary of the consecration of the newly-built Chapel.


I had severe nosebleeds from both nostrils amidst my excruciating pains, but I offered them up graciously, praying that my pains would flow as graces into the pilgrims who attended the prayer meeting. On this day, the Lord showed various rainbows at the Chapel, on the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, and also at my residence (the annex to the Chapel).

The rainbow given at the Chapel of the Blessed Mother  

The rainbow given on the Blessed Mother's Mountain

The rainbow given at the annex

After the holy rosary ended at the prayer meeting, around 9:05 p.m., all of a sudden something came down from above, making a sound in the waiting room where I was taking a break. I was so surprised that I looked around. Three large mirrors and the floor in the room were covered with Mother’s thick Milk. A little while later, I heard the Blessed Mother’s gentle voice.


The Blessed Mother :

“My adorable daughter whom I love! My lovely little baby who breathes in littleness and, like a child who just found her lost mother, you rejoice over just seeing a single soul repent and thus receive a little grace!
My adorable little soul, who presents joy to everyone with a bright smile, hiding her pain while graciously offering up her excruciating sufferings that tear and dig into her flesh at every moment with a spirit of ‘sacrificing oneself to achieve goodness for others’!


Thank you. That is why you are always a tireless flower of consolation to My Son Jesus and Me. Therefore, today, in order to fulfill your humble request, I grant you My Thick Milk so that everyone may see it visibly. Pray that it may be absorbed into all of them. It will flow into them to the degree of how much they believe, and their souls and bodies will be enriched.

All My beloved children in the world!
Today, in response to the earnest request of My little soul, I sent down My Thick Milk that I had fed My Son Jesus in order to feed you My children who follow My Son Jesus and Me by entrusting everything to Us.

Therefore, I hope that you will become humbler and do your best to live your lives practicing love by arming yourselves with the Armor of the Five Spiritualities and practicing them every moment of every day. That is what My Beloved Son Jesus also wants. 

 When the Milk started to disappear       After disappearing of a lot of Milk

The Milk is newly running down while It is disappearing.

The Milk was disappeared while the priests were watching it.  

The priests were observing the Milk and smelling the Fragrance.

In this world today, even the shepherds whom My Son Jesus has personally anointed and installed have degraded themselves to be hounds of the head devil who will be completely defeated. Their corruption worsens day after day and they have been ungrateful and disloyal by violating the dignity and sanctity of God. The hours of apostasy and disloyalty have drawn closer, and even the Church that My Son Jesus built has fallen into a state of great confusion, reaching the edge of a precipice.

Therefore, you who proclaim that you know My Son Jesus and I should hurriedly awaken, practice ‘the Five Spiritualities’ and make them known. As such, the peace in the world can be restored, and the horrendous wars, violence and diseases can end soon.

This is so because ‘the Five Spiritualities’ which I, your Heavenly Mother, fulfilled through My little soul’s boundless love, endless pain, and spirit of sacrifice in which she even lays down her life readily for the benefit of others is the last weapon that can save this world and humanity from rushing toward destruction.

If the children who practice the Five Spiritualities sink completely into and become dissolved in the Sacred Heart of Jesus and My Immaculate Heart, this Mama’s Heart in unison with My Son Jesus’ Divinity will throb with your own human hearts. So, hurriedly run to Me by taking My little soul’s hand. I will let you grow spiritually by wrapping and embracing you in My Mantle, which is greater than the universe, together with My Son Jesus.

As God recognized Abraham as a just man for his firm faith and sent down blessing on this world, God will also recognize you who come to Me by following My little soul, who is unafraid of the throes of double death for the repentance of sinners.
Then you will inherit the Tree of Eternal Life, which Adam and Eve had lost, and receive and wear the royal crown, escorted by the Angels. And you will pick and eat the fruits from the Tree of Life, enjoying eternal happiness and singing ‘Alleluia’ with My little soul by the side of My Son Jesus and Me.”


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