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2022Message of Love from Jesus received by Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on December 31, 2022

Message of Love from Jesus received
by  Julia Kim of Naju, Korea on December 31, 2022

On the last day of 2022, heavenly graces were granted through various signs that appeared in Naju Shrine. Beautiful rainbows of different forms appeared at the Blessed Mother’s Chapel, the Blessed Mother’s Mountain, in front of Jesus on the Crucifix of Mt. Calvary, my residence, and the office of Spiritualities. In addition, the miracle of the sun occurred at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain. Inside the waiting room of the vinyl tented Chapel, I saw something fall in front of my eyes with a “pop” sound, and there was one large drop of Fragrant Oil and tiny drops descending like misty rain spreading across the floor.

Fragrant oil (Left) turned into Mother’s Milk (Right)
Tiny drops of fragrant oil have not been captured by camera.

I believe that through these various continued Signs, the Lord was blessing the pilgrims, letting us know that great graces were being given to those who were joining the prayer vigil. As midnight approached, the priests and local and overseas pilgrims gathered in front of the Adoration Chapel of the Precious Blood to have a bonfire to usher in New Year 2023.

I was in excruciating sufferings from the pain at my side which was in a form I have never experienced before. It lasted all day, along with various other reparation sufferings caused by sins hitting the peak at the year-end holidays Nevertheless, I offered up the suffering joyfully and walked up step-by-step to the front of the Adoration Chapel with the support of some people.

Everyone was holding a candle and focusing on their prayers in front of the Adoration Chapel to welcome the New Year. Suddenly, I felt pain in my left ear as if it was being stabbed by an awl, and my heart felt the pain like it was about to explode.

I was also reflecting, “How hard and painful it must be for the Lord and the Blessed Mother to hear the cries in this world who are immersed in the pleasure of all kinds of ugly sins during the year-end and New Year holidays!” I totally offered up all those sufferings with the hope to provide at the least a little of comfort to the Lord and the Blessed Mother for hearing those cries in their pricked aching ears, and the pains of Their burning Hearts. I prayed with the hope that all the prayer intentions of the pilgrims who attended the vigil would be fulfilled, as they requested, and for their healing.

Thereafter, I was so surprised to feel some salt water coming into my mouth and after a while, this salty taste became mixed with a strong smell of blood. I put my hand below my nose under my face mask, wondering if my nose was bleeding, but I found nothing wrong. The salty water, however, continued to enter my mouth by penetrating my face mask. “What is it? What does it mean? Jesus, what does this mean? Even though the prayers that I, an unworthy one, offer up with sacrifices might be less than the dust to You, please accept them as my love and sincerity.” At the moment, Mt. Calvary suddenly became as bright as day and the voice of Jesus on the Crucifix came aloud.

Jesus: “My beloved little soul, My adorable little baby who does her best with longing for the salvation of all the children in this world with the most sublime and purest love, while working diligently with hard efforts under any hardship (勤苦) even amidst the pain that drives her to the brink of death! (命在朝夕)

You always confess your unworthiness and say that the prayers you offer to Me are not even as big as the smallest speck of dust. However, your prayers accompanied by the humility by lowering yourself, your utmost love, sincere sacrifice, and reparation are the prayers that appease God the Father’s wrath and are like an oasis in the desert that quenches the thirst of My Mother and I, aren’t they? That is why I granted you the salty water mixed with My Blood today so that you may become stronger.”

Julia: “O Jesus! Thank You! I am unworthy, but I will become stronger and offer up the rest of my life more joyfully for the sake of You Jesus and the Blessed Mother. Please be with all these children who came to Naju Shrine where You and the Blessed Mother are present. They are pouring out their love and devotion to You and the Blessed Mother and offer up graciously until the last day of the year 2022, and welcome the New Year joyfully. Please, grant each of them the graces they need.”

Jesus: “My beloved little soul who doesn’t lose her smiles even in pain! Yes, I will bless them personally. I have laid down Myself completely by shedding Blood even for those who indulge themselves in doing evil and those whose souls are stained with sins. Why would I not lay down for those who come to pray on the last day of the year and the first day of the new year to console My Mother and I? How could I not be with them?"

Julia: “O my Love, my Lord! I am just an unworthy, feeble, and worthless sinner. I feel just ashamed in everything. Regardless, I will do my best by exerting the power of love even more with heroic loyalty. Jesus, what is the significance of this salty water mixed with the taste of blood that keeps coming into my mouth?

Jesus: “My extremely beloved little baby! Make it known to all My beloved children who have been specially called and responded with Amen : You (plural) are the light of the world. Nobody lights a lamp and places it under a bushel basket; place it on a lampstand and give light to all in the house. Be the light that brightens up this dark world and the salt of the earth too. If the salt loses its taste, what can it be of use then? It is not good for any purpose and ought to be thrown away and trampled underfoot.

As your (Julia) wish, My Mother Mary and I bestowed special grace through you onto all the children who participated in today’s prayer meeting for seeing the old year out and the new year in. (送迎) This privilege will extend not only to today’s attendees but also to their families. Even if they were fooled momentarily by the cunning devil and hurt the Hearts of My Mother and I, and when they truly repent, come back and practice the Five Spiritualities, I will not cast them out, and My Mother will embrace them in Her bosom and lead them safely to My table in My kingdom.

Therefore, wake up hurriedly and win the victory over the devils of division who fill the sky and earth by arming yourselves with the Armor of the Five Spiritualities and practicing them, and complete My most sublime dispensation for the salvation of the world. Never forget the role of light and salt that are entrusted to you and remain united in love. If all these are joined with turning every moment of your life into prayers, what else will it be than a paradise on earth?

The arrogant ones among the so-called leaders are moving away from the truth of salvation and leading countless sheep of Mine down the road to hell while raising their voice thoughtlessly.

Even though you who recognize My voice and rush to Me and My Mother, experience much difficulty and pain, do not forget that the Kingdom of Heaven does not belong to them but to you who are working for My Mother and I. Therefore, offer up your pains by exerting your strength and courage so that even the sinners who have been dried up spiritually(枯渴) may repent. Never forget that, as high protein causes more foul smell when it decomposes, the rewards will also be greater when the road slopes more steeply, and enjoy Heaven through practicing the Five Spiritualities.”

Julia: “Jesus, thank You. We are unworthy and worthless, but we will exert the power of love more energetically and heroically and offer up our utmost loyalty.” 

At that moment, Jesus on Mt. Calvary raised His hands and blessed all those who were praying. My heart was filled up with delight. I placed my finger on the salty water with blood-smelling that flowed into my mouth and shared it with four people praying next to me so that they could taste it. All the priests who tasted it said that it was salty. Father Su said that it tasted so much like blood to the point where he said that he thought it was the Precious Blood with a salty taste. That was before he knew that it was the salted water. Father Jacob also tasted salt, but the taste of blood was stronger for him, so he wondered if his weak gums were bleeding. Peter Kim also said that he tasted both salt and blood from it.

At the first moment of 2023, the bonfire was ignited, and the flames were blazing like the shape of the Sacred Heart. The letters containing the wishes and intentions of the pilgrims flared up in that fire and were raised up toward the heavenly throne.

Subsequently, all the priests and pilgrims prayed the Rosary together and meditated on the Joyful Mysteries while moving around the blazing bonfire.

When we recite the rosary united in one voice, the angels appeared, praying and dancing together beautifully to the rhythm of our prayers. When the sound of our prayers was not united, the angels stopped dancing, not knowing which beat to match. 

I mentioned to the pilgrims what I had seen and implored everyone to pray with one heart and one voice in unity to offer up our bouquet of roses to the Blessed Mother with greater sincerity. 

At the 5th decade of the Rosary, I entered the Adoration Chapel, and saw the Blessed Mother sending down Her Thick Milk onto the acrylic dome where the Precious Blood is preserved inside.

At the end of the individual meeting with pilgrims inside the vinyl-tented Chapel, after the adoration to the Crucifix on Mt. Calvary in commemoration of the Miracle that the Precious Blood penetrated my face mask and transformed into the Holy Eucharist, three priests who were with me received Golden Fragrant Oil on them at the altar side. Many pilgrims received the Blessed Mother’s Milk, and one pilgrim even received milk that penetrated through her face mask.

[Difficult words]
勤苦: No matter how painful things get in the way, work hard without avoiding or slackening one’s efforts.
命在朝夕: It means that someone’s life is at stake. The pain that drives one to the brink of death.
送迎: abbreviation of 送舊迎新. Seeing the old year out and the new year in.
枯渴: Emotions such as thoughts and feelings become dry and disappear

* After the prayer meeting, I almost lost consciousness due to very extreme suffering and I couldn’t even stay awake to my full senses. My pain was more extreme because of a person who cast judgment based on her own thoughts without grounds.

Whenever I write down Messages, I encounter pains in various degrees and disturbances from the devils. This time round, I experienced the pain near death while being threatened by someone, but I did not give up and wrote down the Message of Love that Jesus gave me even though there were severe interruptions until the moment the Message was completed.

Though the file of the above Message of Love was completed, it disappeared mysteriously. I found a jumbled-up version but no matter how much I searched for the original, I could not find it. After I had rewritten it, the original Message of Love suddenly reappeared on the desktop. Through this, I knew that the graces granted through this Message will be great, and hence, I offered up my sacrifice even more joyfully for the Lord and the Blessed Mother




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