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2024Message of Love from the Blessed Mother, January 1, 2024 - If you fulfill the sublime mission entrusted to you with a respectful heart, lowering yourselves and dedicating your entire energy(鞠躬盡力)…

Message of Love from the Blessed Mother 
received by Julia Kim of Naju on January 1, 2024

The present era has reached a point where abortion and homosexuality are widely accepted as human rights. Consequently, the numerous sins of obscenity and abortions that are being committed without hesitation not only challenge the Ten Commandments established by God but also threaten even the natural order, creating a hair-trigger situation where the cup of God’s just wrath is about to descend. Thus, even now, the Blessed Mother is shedding Tears of Blood and imploring God, clutching His arm holding the cup of just wrath.

Also, the sounds of earnest prayers of the little souls who gather at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain in Naju offered together with the Blessed Mother are soaring high to the sky. Therefore, God is waiting, not lowering His arm raised high, allowing humanity the opportunity to repent. If we are gathered in more numbers and pray, making sacrifices and penances, God will send down the cup of blessing instead of the cup of wrath that is blazing up.

Thus, according to the wishes of Jesus and the Blessed Mother, despite my unworthiness, every day I have offered up various sufferings: the pain of the side being pierced, the pain in reparation for abortions, homosexuality and obscenities, and other various pains including the pain of burning my tongue and inner mouth for the conversion of those souls who commit sins with their mouths, and so forth.

A year-end/new year prayer vigil began at 6:00 p.m. on December 31, 2023, continuing through the year-end Mass. At 12 a.m. on the first day of 2024, all pilgrims were gathered before the Precious Blood Adoration Chapel to start a bonfire with their hearts filled with hopes for the new year. Watching the flames of the bonfire rising, all pilgrims became of one mind and one heart, shouting, “For the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary!”

I earnestly prayed, “Lord, burn all the bad habits of the pilgrims and their old stains from the world with the flames of the Holy Spirit so that they may lead a new life of the Resurrection.” I prayed the Rosary wholeheartedly, circling around the Precious Blood Adoration Chapel and the bonfire. When I completed one full rotation, supported by the two priests, I was short of breath, unable to go on any longer.

So, I began praying before the Baby Jesus in the manger. Then, a brilliant light shone strongly from the direction of the image of Jesus on Mt. Calvary. When I looked in that direction, the living Jesus appeared. Cloaked in a white seamless robe and an ivory-colored mantle, Jesus was smiling gently, extending His blessing. A luminous light continued to radiate from the Crucifix of Mt. Calvary. Around the Crucifix, the saints and the angels were also present, radiating light.

At that moment, Our Lady of Naju also appeared, wearing a white dress and a blue mantle and looking incredibly beautiful. She was on the right side of Jesus, smiling and waving Her hand. When I was totally enraptured by the scene as I gazed at it, She began to speak affectionately.

The Blessed Mother: My extremely beloved daughter!
You, specially chosen by Me as My little soul are working by exerting all your heart and power to the extent of crushing the head to make it into ashes (碎首灰塵), to save even one more soul because your bleeding efforts and sacrifices are necessary, combining your countless pains reaching the double death akin to cutting out live flesh with the pains of My Son Jesus and Me to bring about the salvation of this world. By seeing you in such a state, My Heart that has been torn into pieces is comforted, but at the same time, I feel so anguished and sorry for you.

Please muster up your strength a bit more and offer up the excruciating pains given to you more graciously for the repentance of sinners. I will bestow abundant graces upon all My children gathered here today, as you have requested.

All My beloved children in the world!
Many children have been invited to the heavenly banquet, but only few have responded with Amen. Even so many of My close children who say they know the Lord eat, drink, dance, and enjoy themselves excessively at year-end parties and join forces with the devil. That is why My daughter keeps suffering pains like double deaths even at this moment in order to save them.

Even at this time, My daughter, whom I chose to lead to Heaven even those countless souls who might otherwise deserve to be lost, is participating in the sufferings of My Son Jesus, making endless sacrifices and reparations for the salvation of the world, being offered as a sacrifice of atonement before the throne of God.

Nevertheless, since the number of faithful little souls following her path is still extremely insufficient, My little soul experiences the agonies of death every day and every moment, offering up the pain of death alone.

The Lord can raise her right up from her sick bed. However, the world is already on the brink of destruction, which makes the Hearts of My Son Jesus and Me become enveloped with enormous sorrow and excruciating pains (消魂斷腸). As My daughter knows it well, she has been voluntarily asking for sufferings to save even one more soul. Her sacrifices are needed to save this world situated in extreme crisis, fallen into a great degeneration. Therefore, I ask you to join willingly forces in unity and help her.

As I called you to this place because I love you so dearly, you should be united and become interpreters of love to comfort her and care for her life, shouldn’t you? Just as the Heritage of Faith can never be kept safe with theories and logic alone, it is difficult to follow My Son Jesus and Me with human calculations alone.

The world is condemning My daughter whom I have chosen and is judging the secrets of the Heavenly Kingdom which she makes known, but My Son Jesus has first nurtured and raised her up to save the world. I have also dedicated my entire Heart and devotion to refining and nurturing her with utmost care so that her soul might be tempered and pure. So, I ask all of you to be nurtured by My chosen little soul and practice the Five Spiritualities, so that you may also become little souls who are much humbler and help My daughter, the little soul.

I, the Heavenly Mother who loves and comforts you, will reveal the amazing plan of salvation and provide you with insight into it. Therefore, on this new day of the New Year, place complete trust in the motherly love of this Mother of God, and by becoming even littler, like the Baby Jesus, make a new start.

To all My children who come to this Holy Shrine, the Holy City of God, and pray to comfort My Son Jesus and Me, I will abundantly feed them spiritually with the Thick Milk that I gave to the Baby Jesus in the stable in Bethlehem. Also, when they face an imminent crisis where they cannot do anything, I will surely rescue them and shelter them in My mantle, which is wider than the universe, and let them enjoy peace.

My beloved priests who have been specially called and all My children!
Even today, I am waiting with My arms outstretched, earnestly wishing that My children, who have alienated themselves from the love of the Lord and Me and have become poor slaves of their sins, will return to God. Because most of the children in this world are not awake, the devils of division that are filling the sky and the earth lay traps in many and various ways. Consequently, even the children claiming that they know the Lord as well as countless souls who have fallen into temptations are rushing on the road of pride and degradation. Because of this, the wrath of God has reached its extremity.

You must stay awake and pray promptly because the flames of self-righteous egoism and intense hatred are about to burn and obliterate even the good works of innocent people, and evil is spreading like a horrible cancer. If you do not heed My words and practice them, before long, the day will come when you will cry and wail. Therefore, wake up quickly and arm yourselves with the Five Spiritualities and put them into practice.

For the return of the flock of sheep that has scattered and fallen away due to extreme persecution, if you pray in unity with the love of My Immaculate Heart and graciously offer up, with joy and love, all the sufferings you experience, the scattered flock of sheep will return and gather.

And at this beginning of the new year, make sure to carry the Baby Jesus, your Redeemer, in loving embrace within your heart. Therefore, if at least you, who know Me, take to heart and follow My words, with which I implore shedding Tears and Tears of Blood, the doors of your hearts will be opened widely and new buds will sprout even on the burnt ground, and your life will be drawn to the fragrance of abundant grace, and you will live the life of the Five Spiritualities.

My adorable priests who have been specially called and whom I can put in My eyes without feeling any pain! (It means that She love them so much)

The devils that are filling the sky and the earth may launch an all-out attack on you by employing all the methods available to bring you down, but stay firm in your heart and take courage. And Always have the heart of Jesus. If you are united, you can do it.

If you recognize how gravely important the task assigned to you, who have been specially chosen for the purpose of saving this world, and if you fulfill the sublime mission given to you with a respectful heart, lowering yourselves and dedicating your entire energy(鞠躬盡力), countless numbers of children of God will repent and come back to Him through chain reactions more powerful than nuclear reactions.

I am not leaving My little soul even for one moment, always remaining within her, My daughter, with My invisible presence together with My Son Jesus, and God is personally working here in Naju. So, what would there be that you have to worry about? Now, the time of My triumph is approaching.


My adorable priests specially called because I love you so dearly!
According to God's grand plan of salvation, I have called you to serve as guides for my thirsty flock of sheep.

If you totally arm yourselves with the Five Spiritualities and practice them, and put into practice the Messages of Love, the mistakes and errors of those who had been forcing others to accept as true what was not true (指鹿爲馬) and tried to deceive others with shallow tricks (掩耳盜鐘), will surely be exposed before long. The greatest victory, which will lead to establishment of the glorious Kingdom of Christ will be achieved in the fierce battle of these last times; and, instead of the cup of chastisement that was to descend on this world, the cup of God’s blessing will come down.

Thus, when My Son Jesus Christ comes back to this world, you who have been working in unity with My little soul for God’s Plan of Salvation will emerge with Christ in glory. Therefore, follow Me with the best heroic loyalty and the utmost earnestness, mobilizing all your heart and energy.

<Difficult Chinese idioms used in the above message>
消魂斷腸: The enormous sorrow that makes one feel that his/her spirit has become lost and his/her intestines have been cut into pieces
碎首灰塵: To break the head and make it into ashes and dust. It means to exert all true heart and effort.
鞠躬盡力: To exert all available energy, while respecting others and being humble
指鹿爲馬: The act of pointing at a deer and calling it a horse. It metaphorically signifies:
1) Forcing others to accept as true what is not true through coercion
2) Deceiving or manipulating people to wield power arbitrarily
掩耳盜鐘: Covering one's ears while stealing a bell. This metaphorical expression signifies:
1) Foolish behavior where someone believes that if they can't hear something, others won't be able to hear it either.
2) Attempting to deceive others with shallow tactics that are unlikely to succeed.

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