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2024Message of Love from Jesus on Good Friday, March 29, 2024

Message of Love from Jesus received by Julia Kim of Naju, 
South Korea on Good Friday, March 29, 2024

Countless incidents took place throughout this Lenten season to the point where I can say that this Lent brought the most excruciating pain that I have ever suffered. And the cunning devils of division attacked me ceaselessly even through people. Consequently, I had pain and difficulty even in my breathing. Nevertheless, I offered up those countless sufferings with Semchigo as if I were loved, exerting every effort of shedding tears of blood in order to participate in the pains that Jesus and the Blessed Mother were suffering.

On Good Friday, I arrived at the Blessed Mother’s Mountain to attend the Stations of the Cross. When the domestic and foreign pilgrims began doing the Stations of the Cross, my back hurt as if it were collapsing along with various kinds of other pains, all of which made it much more difficult to even take a single step forward. Therefore, I chose to offer the prayer in front of the Adoration Chapel of the Precious Blood.

Then, supported by a nun who attended to me, I began to take every arduous step to Mt. Calvary, but ended up falling on the slope leading to Mt. Calvary. With the help of some people, I managed to get up and reach Mt. Calvary, where I gave adoration before the Crucified Jesus.

As I contemplated on the excruciating pain that Jesus suffered for the salvation of the human race, I burst into tears. ‘O my loving Jesus! Not only two thousand years ago, but even at this moment, You are wearing the Crown of Thorns, being nailed to the Cross, and transfusing the Precious Blood and Water for the conversion of sinners without leaving even a single drop of it. I am infinitely grateful to You.

O Jesus, Lord of hosts! You, together with the Blessed Mother, have been appearing and are present in Naju, performing the miracles of love to save Your beloved children from this dangerous world shrouded in darkness, yet  You are persecuted. How much pain You must have been feeling in Your Heart? Though I am unworthy, I offer up all these sufferings by participating in Your Passion.

In order that You and Your Blessed Mother may receive comfort, I offer up my sufferings joyfully for the sake of the priests and pilgrims attending this Holy Triduum. O Jesus! With Your Precious Blood, please wash and wipe all of them clean, and open what has been clogged (in their souls), and let them win the victory of the resurrection, so that their sick souls and bodies may be healed through the grace of repentance.

Our Lady of Naju is sure to be approved someday. Lord, however, please see to it that everyone can make a pilgrimage to this Naju Shrine freely without a day’s delay, so that all the children in the world may be saved through the practice of the Five Spiritualities.’

While I was praying, bowing down beneath the Crucifix, the Precious Blood descended onto the rock and also onto my hand, making a sound like ‘thud!’ Simultaneously, I began to suffer the pain of the Crown of Thorns. I felt extreme pain of my skull being pierced by the Thorns. The nun who was attending to me exclaimed, “Mama, you are suffering the pain of the Crown of Thorns!” In an instant, blood began to flow down from my head.

When the Precious Blood descended with a “thud” sound, It landed even on Julia’s hand.

Julia began to suffer the pain of the Crown of Thorns simultaneously with the descent 
of the Precious Blood. The excruciating pain of the Crown of Thorns, penetrating even to the skull.

Before I knew it, the priests and pilgrims, who had been doing the Stations of the Cross, were arriving at Mt. Calvary. Amidst our collective prayers, I suddenly collapsed and entered into an ecstasy.

Julia entered a state of ecstasy and she suffered the pains of reparation for the sins of abortion.

As Jesus breathed His last on the Cross, darkness enveloped the entire world. He was crucified and died. Yet, it was not the end. Rather, it marked the wide opening of the Gate of Salvation.

At that moment, the shroud of darkness that had covered the world was instantly lifted, and Jesus radiated His light upon the entirety of the Blessed Mother’s Mountain. Then, the Sacred Blood that He shed on the Cross was poured down as the Rain of the Precious Blood of Our Lord. This Precious Blood was absorbed entirely into His children who earnestly sought to practice the Five Spiritualities, opening their hearts widely.

While in ecstasy, as the black veil was lifted, light shone forth and His Sacred Blood rained down.

However, from those who were joining forces with the devil without opening their hearts, the descending Precious Blood was turning back and was absorbed into His children who were earnestly practicing the Five Spiritualities. At that moment, Jesus spoke tenderly.

Jesus: “My beloved daughter who renders her utmost sincere obedience with joy and devotion in everything! Thank you, My little soul, for your gracious offerings of the gruesome pains that feel as though your flesh and bones were being cut off, sharing in My Passion for the salvation of My children in the whole world. As you have earnestly requested, I will transfuse My Precious Blood, which I poured down unsparingly, into My children who are gathered here, praying and practicing the Five Spiritualities, to wash and wipe clean their sick souls and bodies, and to open up what has been clogged (in their souls).

All My beloved priests and children of the world who have been called!
I seek to save all My children with the immeasurable merits gained from the sufferings on the Cross and with the love of My burning Sacred Heart. Accept totally in your hearts My burning love and My Mother’s boundless love.

The Stations of the Cross that you do here in this Naju Shrine, the Holy City, is the Way of the Cross which I, together with My Mother, personally walk, shedding Blood alongside you. Therefore, if all those who do the Stations of the Cross here wear the Armor of the Five Spiritualities, practice them, and pray while participating in the pains that I suffered, they will meet Me and My Mother without fail.

And do not forget that if you come to visit Me and My Mother faithfully and pray together, the names of all of you will be recorded in the Book of Life in the Heavenly Kingdom. Also, remember that you will enjoy eternal happiness next to Me together with the Saints, escorted by the angels at My table in My Kingdom.
Now, My beloved priests and children who have been called! To all of you who do the Stations of the Cross with tears at this Shrine, where My Mother and I accompany you together with all the Saints in Heaven, escorted by the angels, I bestow infinite blessings together with My Mother.

 After Jesus finished speaking, I woke up from the ecstasy and barely managed to rise. Even the slightest movement caused excruciating pain to my head as I was suffering the pain of the Crown of Thorns. Although not visible outwardly, I was feeling extreme pain all over my body as I was participating in the Lord’s Passion. Yet, it was pain accompanied by the hope (*that leads to salvific expectation). So I joyfully offered those sufferings. As the priests touched the feet of Jesus on the Crucifix to pray, I also prayed over each one of them while standing behind them.

When the prayer ended, however, I found that lots of the Precious Blood that had descended upon my hands was absorbed (spiritually) into the priests, leaving my hands clean. (*It is the sign of nurturing them according to Julia’s earnest wish) Later, during the Veneration of the Cross on Good Friday evening, I kissed the Crucifix and prayed with the intentions for the pilgrims. Then, I once again suffered the pains of the Crown of Thorns. This pain was much more intense than what I had suffered on Mt. Calvary; it felt as if I were being struck relentlessly with large nails.

No matter how excruciating the pain was, it was a pain accompanied by the hope. So I was overjoyed. It was because I wholeheartedly offered up all those sufferings, so that all the priests and pilgrims who entirely believe in and follow the Blessed Mother of Naju could triumph over the devils of division who fill the sky and the earth, and could be completely healed in soul and body, and thus could enter Heaven. O Jesus, my Love! My loving Mother! May You receive praise and glory forever and ever!

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