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1985August 11, 1985 - Pray for priests without ceasing.

 Message on August 11, 1985

During my prayer, a strong wind was blowing noisily, almost extinguishing the candlelight in front of the statue. I heard the Blessed Mother's voice, which was the same as on July 18.

Praise the Lord. Do not weep for my tears, but look at and console my Son Jesus who wears a crown of thorns and sheds blood and sweat.

Pray for priests without ceasing. They are now like a light before wind. They are being subjected to temptations. The windows of rectories are left open. Through the open windows, three devils (of pride, materialism and lust) are peeking in. Close the windows of rectories.

Become sacrificial offerings for priests. I am helping them, too. So, support them to the end, because they are my most precious and beloved sons.

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