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1986October 20, 1986 - You are not praying to me, but I am imploring you.

Message on October 20, 1986


Three Sisters from the Naju Parish, three other Sisters from the City of Kwangju(=Gwangju) and five lay people came. While I was praying with them, I fell because of pains. I participated in the pains that the Blessed Mother was suffering. The Blessed Mother's loving voice came from her statue.

This world is decaying with sins. Even with the Sacred Blood of my Son Jesus, it is difficult to appease the just anger of God the Father. Let me borrow your body and your mouth.

I am shivering with cold. Who can comfort me? Who can console my Heart that is shaking with cold? Now, you are not praying to me, but I am imploring you. Pray for priests, my sons. They continue to be tempted. To protect them, you need to give clothing, food and water to those people whose souls are naked, hungry and thirsty. Through these souls, devils are becoming stronger and more violent. To prevent them, you must offer prayers combined with sacrifices and self-denial, and also offer up poverty and penance graciously.

Come back to my Immaculate Heart . . . I call you today for a special purpose. Renounce your ego and abandon selfishness. I will be your shield. Even the arrows of fire thrown by devils will not harm you. Pray much without worrying. I want you to stand on my side and become courageous guides in saving this world permeated with evil.

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