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1986October 29, 1986 - Obey all from your superiors to those who are of a lower status than you.

Message on October 29, 1986

The Blessed Mother shedding tears of blood, October 25, 1986
The Blessed Mother's statue looked so miserable with lots of blood and tears on her face. I had never seen her looking so miserable. I was crying loudly feeling much pain in my heart. Others present also cried aloud.

Mother, who made your face like this? I cannot look at your face. Mother, please forgive us. We have not seen your face looking so miserable. Mother, tell us. Tell us what we can do.

The Blessed Mother shedding tears of blood on Oct. 25, 1986

 I kept crying. At that moment, the Blessed Mother spoke with an anxious voice through her statue.

Practice obedience. Obey all from your superiors to those who are of a lower status than you. As I obeyed all, you do the same. I feel so anxious, but will give you energy. So, do not cry but stand up courageously. What can we do, if people refuse to accept our love? Even God cannot force them. Do not expect too much too fast. Be patient and wait for the good time.

After the Blessed Mother finished speaking, the Pastor came with another priest and asked me to wipe the tears of blood from the Blessed Mother’s statue. I felt so sad, but wiped the tears of blood from the statue beginning from the face down to the feet, contemplating the Blessed Mother’s words that we should practice obedience.


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