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1995June 18, 1995 -You must not waste any precious time.

Message on June 18, 1995

Today was the Feast of Corpus Christi. Because of severe pains, I could not even open my eyes or go to Mass. On June 5, 1988, which was also the Feast of Corpus Christi, I attended Mass after suffering for two weeks and witnessed the Sacred Host becoming larger and bleeding (in my mouth). I also received messages from Jesus Who was bleeding. Today also I saw Jesus Who was bleeding more than before. 

But the Blessed Mother was feeling more pains in her Heart, because the children who receive transfusions from Jesus were diminishing. She spoke sorrowfully.

"My beloved and poor daughter! Your bloody sufferings will not be fruitless. Offer them up well in reparation for the sins of sacrilegious Communions. Do not panic even when you face difficulties in the course of your life. Your sufferings have been allowed by God. Tolerate even misunderstanding, criticism, contempt and slander.

Even when some people intend to do evil to you, they will not be able to harm you. Instead, there will be God's mercy. That is because all the deceptions and slanders will dissipate like fog under the shining sun.

You have frequently said that you are unworthy, weak and unqualified and have nothing to offer to God except your shamefulness. You have asked me why I chose you, who are filled with shortcomings and, thus, let many people, including even some priests commit sins of judging. But your shortcomings are what I want. 

Why would I have chosen you, if you did not have many shortcomings? To prevent you from becoming proud, the Lord even took away much of your knowledge. All your sacrifices and sufferings will not be vain.

Even if you are not in this world, the messages you have received and the works will remain forever. The Lord, Whom you call Abba, Father, has nurtured you and guided you spiritually. This Mother has also nurtured you and trained your soul. Am I not guiding you now together with your spiritual director?

My daughter! Where do you find souls with good will? Mary Magdalene and Zacchaeus were among them.
Also, the thief who was dying on a cross screamed, filled with trust, 'Lord, remember me when You enter Your Kingdom.' How did the Lord respond? He saw the truly repenting eyes of the thief and said, 'Amen I say to you, this day you shall be with Me in Paradise.'  You make progress when you realize your poverty. 

You capture my Heart, when you say you are not qualified. You have complained repeatedly that you are not up to the work, realizing your immense poverty. But I have never left you."

"I am even feeling dizzy. It's not too late yet. I have wanted to live an ordinary and hidden life like a wild flower that has no name. But why me? ... I have thought it over again and again, but I am not worthy to do this work. I have not done anything to deserve rewards, either."

"Child! Haven't I told you that I chose you because of that? Don't be stubborn, but entrust everything to the Lord and follow Him. He needs your help, because He is being scorned more and more everyday. That is why He saved you from death again and sent you back to the world.

In consultation with your spiritual director, spread my messages of love all over the world in a hurry and more courageously and wisely so that people may not commit sacrileges against the Lord hidden in the Holy Eucharist. You must not waste any precious time, in order to prevent everyone from destruction.  Do not be discouraged, but make haste to quench the Lord's thirst.

The time when God the Father will speak with a stern voice of judgment is approaching. You must protect yourselves with prayers, sacrifices, penance and consecration. My Heart has already been torn apart into pieces and my bloody tears and bloody sweat are pouring down on the earth. 

I have already told you that the terrifying judgment of God will come down. As you know, that day will come like a thief at night. Destruction will come suddenly, when people are singing of peaceful and secure times. It will be like the pains of delivery to a pregnant woman, which are sudden and yet certain and cannot be avoided. The souls who accept my messages that you are spreading are accepting me. Those who reject them reject me and reject the Father in Heaven.

Little soul! Be more courageous. Become a light in this dangerous world and offer up reparations so that all may come aboard the Ark of Salvation that I have prepared and may not commit sacrilege against the Holy Eucharist. An-nyoung!"

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