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1995September 7, 1995 -Offer up little flowers of constant prayers and self-denial.

Message on September 7, 1995

We gathered in the Chapel for the Holy Hours Devotion to offer reparations for the insults Jesus has received. As we began to pray the rosary, I saw a vision. Many people wearing red uniforms were marching in lines toward us, aiming their rifles at us in a frightening way. However, because of the fervent prayers we were offering, they were losing their power and lowering their hands with which they were holding the rifles. The color of their uniforms also was changing from red to light grey. They were soon turning back. There were tens of thousands of them - no, more than that - they were countless. The color of their uniforms continued to change to light blue. At that moment, light was shining from the sky. I could not see the Blessed Mother, but heard her beautiful voice.

"My beloved daughter! As you just saw, my enemy's red army can lose power and be turned back by the fervent prayers you offer together during the Holy Hours. Right now, God's just anger is overflowing and God the Father is about to strike (the world) with His right hand that has been raised. But, thanks to the fervent prayers by you, little souls, He is delaying the hour. Therefore, stay awake and pray more fervently.

From here (Heaven), I join myself with you, as you offer up ardent and strong responses and fervent and persevering prayers in sincere love and generosity.

All my beloved children in the world! In this urgent time, observe the Holy Hours every Thursday well which can compensate for the sins and ingratitude that have transgressed the Solemn Dignity of God. About two years ago (on February 18, 1993), I already told you in detail about the Thursday Holy Hours Devotion. Put it into practice by staying awake and praying. 

The decisive time that can determine the fate of the whole human race is being prepared. Therefore, hurriedly wake up from sleep and listen to the voice of this Heavenly Mother who is imploring you so ardently.      

My beloved children! Wake up and come to me, as I will take you all to Jesus, Who is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament and is silently waiting for you during the Sacrifice of the Mass.

Offer up little flowers of constant prayers and self-denial for the sake of my numerous children who walk the way of world-shaking events (crimes, scandals, wars, etc.), persecutions, fratricidal strifes, and unrestricted selfishness and who are addicted to the things they like and wish to possess, the comforts and the pleasures of senses. 

Then, the children who have joined the red army will return to the Bosom of the Lord, the Kingdom of the Lord will be established in this world, and my Immaculate Heart will triumph. I send the blessings from the Lord and my love to all who are gathered here. Good-bye. An-nyoung."

When the rosary prayer ended, the vision ended, too. It became very quiet.


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