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1999April 3, 1999 - Hurriedly wake up from sleep and come to Me through My Mother.

Message on April 3, 1999

I went to the Naju Parish Church for the Easter Vigil Mass, supported by others because of pains. While I was in meditation after Holy Communion, I heard the loving, kind and solemn voice of Jesus from the Crucifix above the altar.

"My beloved little soul!
On this night of passing from the Agony to the Resurrection, how many children are participating in the Resurrection together with Me?  

I feel much pain in My Heart, because there are so few children who are participating in the Resurrection truly repenting and saying, " It is my fault," as sinners, while there are so many children who are singing Alleluia with their lips but are distracted by many useless, tangled thoughts and are frustrated and depressed after having dreamt about unrealistic, vain goals (luxuriously-decorated palaces).  

Little souls who are working for Me through My Mother Mary!  Do not have fear or hesitate but hurriedly get up and cry out.  I, Who am the beginning and the end and have the keys to death, hell and Heaven, will finish the work that I began.  Even if you are misunderstood by the world and experience distress and persecution, you, who are coming to Me, following My Mother, are rich.  

That is because the children, who trust Me completely and rush to Me according to the words of My Mother who is guiding you on the shortcut, will achieve victory over the devil, wear the laurel crown that My Mother will give them, and eat the fruits of the tree of eternal life in the Heavenly Paradise where there is no pain or sorrow but which is filled only with love.

My beloved souls!  My extremely beloved children!  Hurriedly get up, be awake, and pray. Before long I will come to each one of you together with My Mother.  I will bring rewards and fire to repay each one according to his works.  Therefore, hurriedly wake up from sleep and come to Me through My Mother.

The place that the cowards and evil-doers, who reject God the Father, insult the Holy Spirit, criticize and interfere with what My Mother and I are doing, and are quick about criticizing others while covering up their own faults, will inherit is a sea of fire and burning sulfur.  I, Who wish to save the whole world with the victory of My mercy and love, love them also and, therefore, bestow love and refreshing rain upon them also.  

Completely offer up the pains given to you and pray and pray that they may also win the victory against the devil, who wants them to rush toward perdition, and may eat the fruits of the tree of eternal life.  I bless you all and them also. Good-bye!  An-nyoung!"

While I was writing down the message, the devil attacked me violently.  He overturned the desk and threw away my glasses.  He knocked me down, causing a swelling on my right arm and much pain on my neck.  He left seven black marks on the floor.


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