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1999May 8, 1999 -Try hard to enter through the narrow gate which will lead you to salvation.

Message on May 8, 1999

On this Parents'Day in Korea, while I was meditating on the message that the Blessed Mother had given us on Parents?Day in 1990, I could not stay in my room and went to the Chapel where the Blessed Mother's statue, which had wept, was. I sat in a back corner and prayed the rosary, crying. While I was meditating after the rosary prayer, I saw Jesus, who was gentle, and the Blessed Mother, who was beautiful.

Jesus and the Blessed Mother were wearing royal crowns which were shining brightly. Jesus was wearing a red mantle and holding the Blessed Mother's hand. The Blessed Mother was wearing a white dress and a blue mantle and was holding a white rosary in her right hand and a brown scapular in her left hand. There were angels surrounding and guarding Jesus and the Blessed Mother. There also were beautiful flowers in full blossom, the names of which I did not know.

There were many children who were hesitating and making noises, because the road leading to the place where Jesus and the Blessed Mother were was narrow, rugged and thorny, and then began walking on the wide and luxuriously-decorated road which was next to the narrow road. The Blessed Mother was anxiously watching and calling them, gesturing with her hands. The children who recognized the Blessed Mother's voice and began walking on the narrow road were not many. The Blessed Mother was shedding tears and spoke anxiously with a sad voice.

"My daughter! All my dear children in the world!
The world is becoming highly developed in material civilization, but is deteriorating in its spiritual condition and is turning into darkness. Even the children chosen by me are groaning with unnecessary secular concerns and are building their houses on sand, following the visible world. How overjoyed the devil will be!

To achieve his victory, Satan, my enemy, is seducing numerous children and even the clergy, making them compromise with selfishness and secularism and close their hearts. Thus they become deaf and blind and are shaking like a rocking boat that has lost its direction in the current of apostasy that has deviated from the orthodox teachings of the Church.

I speak and speak again, but they do not understand, and I show and show (signs) again, but they do not recognize them. Many children are good only at slandering, which is like placing this Heavenly Mother, who is the Mediatrix of Graces and the Co-Redemptrix, at the top of heretics. I feel so painful in my Heart that I cannot control my tears.

My beloved children! Try hard to enter through the narrow gate which will lead you to salvation. Of what use will it be to beat your chest and wail bitterly after you are thrown into the pit of fire in hell by not repenting before the day when the world will end (for you) in the not too distant future?

Come hurriedly. Come quickly and practice the messages of love that Jesus, my Son, and I are giving you. It is not too late yet. Open your hearts widely, become prudent babies of mine who keep in their minds my words that I scream to them shedding tears and tears of blood and who build their houses on a rock. Thus, come to the Heavenly Paradise to which I invite you together with Jesus, my Son.

Even if you are treated badly like sheep which are to be slaughtered while working in order to follow me, do not have any fear but come after me, because Heaven is yours. Then, your souls will become rich with the graces from God, the Lord's Covenant will be realized to you, and you will possess the tree of eternal life. An-nyoung!"

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