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2002January 3, 2002 -The Lord is giving you one more chance for repentance.

Message on January 3, 2002

In order to make reparation for at least a little bit of the insults that Jesus has received, I meditated and prayed at the Stations of the Cross on the Blessed Mother's Mountain together with several helpers.

When we reached the Second Station, one of the helpers prayed, "Jesus! It has already been too hard for Julia, suffering various kinds of pains day after day. She is also unable to sleep because of pains. Because she sweats so heavily from suffering at night, she has to change pajamas eight or nine times every night.  Jesus!  I wish that she could get some sleep even for a little while without suffering."

Upon hearing his prayer, I immediately prayed, "Oh, Oh, Jesus!  To me all these are joyful pains.  Every time I change my sweat-soaked pajamas, I pray that all the bad things in the souls in the world be removed, and offer up my pains as sacrifices and reparations.  These are pains that carry hope.  I am Yours, if I live.  I am Yours, if I die.  Use me as the Lord wishes; Your Will be done." At that moment, I heard the loving voice of the Blessed Mother.

"Yes, that is it. My lovable little soul who finds happiness even in suffering pains!  Your sleep is disturbed by having to change your sweat-soaked clothes, but my Son Jesus and I are comforted in your heart which graciously offers up the pains that you suffer all night as penance for the sins committed by the pleasure-seekers, who indulge in all kinds of obscene conduct at night and resort to abortions which follow, and as sacrifices and reparations to mend the Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus and my Immaculate Heart that have become torn.

My beloved little baby!  The pains that you suffer are extreme, because souls are needed who offer up sacrifices and reparations to save even one more soul, as too many children in the world, male and female, old and young, give themselves up to pleasure, commit sins of obscenity, sink thus unceasingly into the swamp of evil, a snare laid by the devils, become buried in it, and become slaves of sin.

My beloved daughter!  Your sacrifices and penances are reparations for the sins of obscenity and the sins against chastity that are committed at night, and will help the graces of repentance flow into those who commit these sins.  Therefore, offer up the pains given to you more graciously.

My little souls who are trying to participate in my beloved daughter's suffering!  Through the prayers, sacrifices and reparations that you, who have been invited as little souls, offer up devotedly and in unity, in the joy of uniting with the Saints, my burning Immaculate Heart will surely triumph."

When we were at the Twelfth Station, my heart was pounding rapidly, and I felt a squeezing pain in my chest.  The pain was so severe that I could hardly breathe.  Unable to move, I clenched my chest with my hands and groaned lying on the ground.  At that time, (I saw a vision of) a Roman soldier piercing Jesus?side with a spear to confirm His death.  At the same moment, I felt an extreme pain of being pierced in my side by a spear.  Then, the Blessed Mother resumed speaking.

"My beloved daughter!  The sins of obscenity which the children in the world commit by seeking pleasure occur not only at night but indiscriminately day and night, which gives gifts of joy to the devils. They are unable to pull themselves out of the illusion that makes them think that evil is good, and are rushing toward eternal death.  This deplorable world has finally reached such a shocking stage. Oh, my pitiable children! If they face death without repentance, God's stern judgment alone will be waiting for them. . .

However, keeping in mind that the Lord is giving you one more chance for repentance, because He loves you so much, give thanks at every moment and do not abandon even those souls, who received graces but turned away from them.  Instead, make haste to offer up prayers, sacrifices and reparations more humbly for their return.  Thus, permanently connect your consecrated lives to the Paschal Mystery by turning your lives into prayers. 

All my beloved children in the world!  All humans are destined to die because of Adam's sin, but, if even the most wicked sinners open widely the doors of their hearts, repent, approach (the Lord and me) as sinners, and ask for forgiveness, they will not be asked questions about their past but will be blessed. They will obtain the Tree of Eternal Life thanks to my Son Jesus Christ and sing the Lord's glory at the heavenly banquet filled with joy, love and peace. "

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