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2002January 6, 2002 -My Immaculate Heart will surely triumph.

Message on January 6, 2002

Today is the great feast day of the Epiphany commemorating the public manifestation and worship of the Lord. However, I could not go to church, because I had to obey the Pastor. Instead, we did the Liturgy of the Word in my home, meditating on the sublime and humble Love of the Lord Who is the same as God the Father in substance and yet did not mind lying down in a humble stable instead of a golden throne. While we were meditating and praying, I heard the loving voice of the Lord.

"My beloved little soul! My pitiable little child who meditates more deeply on the Paschal Mystery of the Last Supper and ardently longs to be united with Me while participating in the Liturgy of the Word, entrusting everything to the Will of God like My Mother who said "Fiat" in a simple way, only with humility and obedience, without paying attention to the eyes of the world and any of the criticizing words, and without calculating or weighing with human considerations!
Because you turn to Me and rely on Me completely through My Mother with total trust in Me, you do not complain while participating in the Liturgy of the Word but find joy in doing it. I dwell in your such beautiful heart, well adorned with your unconditional love and total faith.
For this reason, today as I am going to have St. Michael the Archangel bring the Eucharist, which you long for so ardently and hold so dearly, from a tabernacle and give It to you as My gift, become united with Me more intimately."

At that moment, a very powerful light poured down from above. When I looked up, two Sacred Hosts were coming down enwrapped in the light. I tried to catch the Sacred Hosts before they fell to the floor, but the two Sacred Hosts landed on a little table with a candlelight, which was used as a makeshift altar for the Liturgy of the Word. They were placed separately from each other on the table. At that time, Jesus resumed speaking.


"My beloved little soul! I will always be with you (plural) in order to unite to My Love your fervent love, with which you joyfully sing the Paschal Mystery of the Last Supper, with your hearts in total union with Me while doing the Liturgy of the Word."


When Jesus finished speaking, the Blessed Mother spoke with a loving, kind voice.

"My children who have been called to be my helpers!
Did you see this world which is situated in misery? In this age when numerous children in this world commit all kinds of sins by offending God and desecrating what is His countless times, this world has truly reached a shocking stage.
Many of the clergy, who are supposed to form a complete unity with the Pope whom the Lord personally chose and installed, have become infected by the modern theology and errors, are compromising with the world, are proudly disguising errors as the truth in the name of the teaching authority of the Church, and are spreading malignant false rumors instead of obeying and uniting with the Pope. For this reason, the Pope is suffering the pains of Calvary in a lonesome way.
That is not all! All over the world, how numerous are heretics and false prophets who are driving the Holy Catholic Church into a whirlpool of confusion with cunning deceptions using my Son Jesus' name and mine... The Hearts of my Son Jesus and me, as We watch all this, are becoming active volcanoes spewing violent flames.
There is no time to hesitate or procrastinate any longer. Numerous children in the world who are blind and deaf rush unceasingly on the road to hell, but with His infinite Love, which is so deep, high and wide, God does not want even one soul to be deserted. Therefore, make haste, keeping deeply in your mind that God has entrusted a very important task to you with this Love in order to reform them.
The cunning devils, who know very well about the importance of this task entrusted to you who have been specially chosen, will try all kinds of methods to interfere with you who have been called as the helpers in my work of salvation, but do not have any fear. Through my invisible presence, I will help you. And, with your help, I will resurrect freshly even those places which have been destroyed by Satan. My Immaculate Heart will surely triumph."

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