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2002July 9, 2002 - Now, I want to plead with you with my last tears of blood.

Message on July 9, 2002 

Suffering pains for three days and unable to sleep at all since the day before yesterday, I offered up the pains for the sanctification of the clergy and religious and for the conversion of sinners.  Having struggled with pains all night, I saw that it was already becoming bright outside the window. At about 7 a.m., when I was still in bed, praying and trying to get some sleep, I saw a vision of extremely miserable scenes. They were scenes at which I could not even look with my open eyes.  They were so horrible beyond description. 

People, male and female, old and young, were indulging in sins of impurity, unfolding scenes of sheer madness. It would be so embarrassing even to mention all sorts of obscene things that they were doing. How could I even list all of them?  Various kinds of sins that they were committing with a pride that reached to the skies, reminiscent of the Tower of Babel, would throw one into total consternation.

Jesus and the Blessed Mother, Who were watching this, first shed tears, then bloody tears, and eventually tears of blood and bloody sweat.  These tears of blood and bloody sweat were falling down, but seemed to be disappearing before reaching the ground.  At the same time, I felt something dripping down on my forehead. I was surprised and quickly wiped my forehead with my hands, but I felt something continuing to drip down not only on my forehead but on my whole body.  While I was wondering whether this was a physical reality or something spiritual, I heard the beautiful and kind voice of the Blessed Mother.

"My beloved daughter, a little soul!  My Son Jesus and I receive much consolation through the cups of reparation that you offer up with extreme love and sacrifice. 

Daughter!  Did you see clearly the condition of the children in the world?  That is why, together with My Son Jesus, I have revealed the shortcut to Heaven, showing numerous signs through you, whom I chose in Naju, Korea, and repeating the same words again and again on so many days in order to save this world and all the children in the world.  However, among all the children in the world, how many souls have indeed recognized and followed the words from me and my Son Jesus?  Even the great majority of the clergy and religious whom I have chosen and my children who have been specially called and are supposed to know me and my Son Jesus have not been consoling the wounded Hearts of my Son Jesus and me by acting upon the messages that my Son Jesus and I have been giving them.  Instead, they have become spiritually blind and deaf and remain obsessed by vain delusions and misguided spirituality.  How can my Son Jesus and I not shed tears of blood and bloody sweat like this?

All the children in the world!  The time of God's judgment of justice is not far off.  Therefore, now, do not procrastinate any longer, but make haste to repent, and, holding my hands tightly, let us go to my Son Jesus Who loves you so much.

Right now, the numerous children in the world, male and female, old and young, are unhesitatingly committing sins of obscenity, even concealing their social positions, and, in order to become higher, are trampling others, resorting to all kinds of means, and even committing murders.  Even the children who have been called are fighting against each other like hungry demons to become higher than others.  How overjoyed the devil of division would be, as he seeks to prevent people from forming unity, promote division among them, and make them disperse!  Thus, the devils, who are so elated, approach you pretending friendliness and all kinds of good in order to promote division and bring about confusion.  However, the numerous children in the world and even the great majority of the children chosen by me are following the false prophets.  As I watch this, I feel so heavy in my Heart. 

Those sounds of the self-appointed prophets using my name to dazzle the children in the world with false prophecies. . .  Those false prophets spreading dreams and vain delusions as words from my Son Jesus and me. . .  I and my Son Jesus have already told you through my daughter, a little soul, how to take the shortcut to Heaven by becoming simple and little souls like children.  However, how blind and deaf you are, unable to see or hear and unable to discern!

Children!  Should you remain unable to throw away useless curiosities, listening to vain dreams, false prophecies, and delusions, thus remain as empty heads of grain to the end, and, eventually, at the time of the Last Judgment, become thrown into the fire of sulfur that flames up vigorously?  Make haste to have trust in the messages that my Son Jesus and I have been giving you, act upon them, and be saved. 

This current age is mired in sins that are more evil than in the age of Sodom and Gomorrah and at the time of Noah and the Deluge, and thus is perpetrating offenses against God.  For this reason, now, I want to plead with you with my last tears of blood.

Now, hurry up and come, all the children in the world!  To you who draw closer to me, what can I not give?  However, the great majority of the children have already alienated themselves from God.  That is why my Son Jesus, your Redeemer, is shedding the blood and water from His torn Heart, without holding back even one drop, in order to save you, but how many souls are really repenting?  God the Father, Who sees this and deplores it, is filled with wrath and is going to send down the chastisement soon. 

All the children in the world who have been chosen!  Realizing more clearly that the Precious Blood from the Sacred Heart of my Son Jesus, which He shed completely, not sparing any, in order to save you, is the Lord's immense Love, which is high, deep, and wide, become more grateful and make the Precious Blood on the Cross widely known.

So that you may all be counted as good heads of grain on the day of God's stern judgment when He separates weeds from wheat and that you may enjoy Heaven, do not squander any moment of your journey, whether it be short or long, but, displaying the power of love more vigorously, offer up graciously even the pains of internal bleeding.

Also, become the light that shines upon this darkened world which is situated in an extreme danger, and help those numerous souls, who are wandering in darkness and are being distracted to various things, come on board Mary's Ark of Salvation so that they may also practice the messages of the combined Love from the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart.

If all the children in the world turn their lives into prayers and follow me, becoming more awake, praying, and offering up sacrifices and reparations so that they may not get off the Ark of Salvation which I have prepared, they will possess the tree of eternal life in the next world and enjoy eternal joy, love and peace at the Lord's table."

After the Blessed Mother ended speaking, I felt something dripping down on my face, making sounds, and flowing down.  Wondering if it was a spiritual phenomenon or a physical one, I pressed the button on the interphone.  When a helper rushed into my room, she was very surprised and screamed, "Oh, no!  How can this be?"  She began crying.  I asked her, "Is there something on my face?" but she could not say any words but was only crying.  A while later, she said, "Blood!  Blood!  It is blood. . . "  She was not able to continue.  Because I wanted to see it myself, I asked her, "Is there a mirror?  Would you bring one?"  She brought one.  When I saw myself, I was also surprised.  There were countless large and small blood marks on my face.  Some of the blood marks were bright red and others were dark red.  Not only my face but my pajamas were also densely stained with many marks of blood and bloody water.  While several helpers were looking, five new clear, large blood marks appeared on my pajamas, on the upper rear right side of the pants."

Oh, Lord!  Receive praise, gratitude, glory and worship from all the people in this world despite their unworthiness!  Amen.



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