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2010March 1st, 2010 - I wish that the Pope, who is the head of the Church and My Vicar whom I specially called and installed, recognize Naju, Korea,

Message on March 1st, 2010

While I was praying the Second Glorious Mystery of the Holy Rosary, a cold wind suddenly blew and I heard a voice: “We must kill this wretched woman, who is an obstacle to our work, before she sees the Archbishop. Kill her quickly without making any noise!” Immediately, a large number of devils jumped on me and attacked, ruthlessly striking me down on the floor. As soon as I heard: “Stab her in the main arteries in her neck with this knife to make it look like a suicide!” one of the devils picked up the knife and jumped on me to stab my neck. I immediately prayed in my heart: “If I can offer up my life to help the Blessed Mother of Naju be approved and the Lord’s Will be realized, I will gladly do so.”

At that moment, the Blessed Mother of Naju wearing a blue mantle and radiating light flew to me like lightning and struck down the knife, and the devils ran away. The place where I was lying down after the attack was just inside the door of the room about 3 meters from the desk at which I had been sitting. On the floor, close to my head, was a fruit knife with which the devil tried to stab me. There also were two overturned chairs on the floor. It was a messy scene. I felt dizzy and painful in my head as if it were bursting. My whole body felt as if it had been beaten up with something blunt and heavy. Peter came to me with a worried look and cautiously asked me if I thought I would be able to go to the Archbishop who had invited me to come to see him in the morning.

I felt it very difficult, but began getting ready for the visit meditating on the Love of the Lord Who was covered all over with wounds but climbed the hill of Golgotha. While changing my clothes, I found a drop of the Precious Blood on my undergarment covering my left knee. When we arrived at the official residence of the Archbishop, the Sisters joyfully welcomed us and guided us to the Archbishop’s office. When all seven of us sat down, His Excellency began by mentioning the Eucharistic miracle of the previous day. He said that, because this miracle occurred in an official building under the jurisdiction of the Holy See in the Vatican, neither the Ordinary of the Kwangju Archdiocese nor anyone else in the whole world has the authority to discern this miracle officially and that such authority totally belongs to the Holy Father and the Holy See. His Excellency emphasized this point several times.

While listening to the Archbishop, I began suffering the pains of the Crown of Thorns, and Peter, sitting next to me, saw me and was greatly surprised and was about to cry. Blood was flowing down from the right side of my forehead. His Excellency saw this and telephoned the Sisters who work in the building to come and see. Mrs. Cäcilia Pohl from Germany, who was attentively examining my scalp, suddenly screamed loudly, when she saw my scalp covered with the blood from many little wounds caused by the thorns.

The blood from the right side of my forehead flowed down to my cheeks, chin, and neck. The blood entered my right eye making it impossible to open it. The Archbishop prayed and meditated for a while and, then, moistened his handkerchief with holy water and wiped the blood off my face. While we were conversing, more blood came down from the left side of my forehead and entered my left eye, which I could not open.

This time, His Excellency asked Sister Agatha, one of the Sisters assisting him, to wipe off the blood. While she did so, His Excellency commented that she looked like St. Veronica wiping off blood and sweat from the Lord’s Face. While we were conversing further with His Excellency, many more wounds from the thorns appeared on the front of my head causing the blood to flow down from there.

The Archbishop continued observing my suffering the pains from the Crown of Thorns and praying with a look full of pity. Most of the witnesses were sobbing over my suffering the pains from the Crown of Thorns, but I felt joyful. I could feel the joy and give praise to the Lord, because I was able to offer up this suffering for all the clergy and religious and, especially, for Archbishop Bulaitis, Cardinal Dias, and the Holy Father who have been specially called by the Lord.


Message from Jesus:


“Giovanni, My beloved Representative of the Pope, who has responded with ‘Amen!’ to the calling by My Mother Mary! As I intend to wash away the filthy stains from you (plural) and transfuse (My Blood into) you (plural) so that the pains and bleeding from the Crown of Thorns that I showed you today through the little soul whom I have specially prepared and cultivated may not be wasted, take the lead in saving the world by all of you loving one another with the transcendence of My Love with which I shed Blood on the Cross because of My love for even the most wicked sinners.
As my little soul was unable to open her eyes because of her suffering from the Crown of Thorns, the sins in this world are so gruesome and miserable that My Mother and I cannot even look at them with open eyes, have gravely offended God and contradicted His Will, and have reached the point of eternal destruction.
I wish that the Pope, who is the head of the Church and My Vicar whom I specially called and installed, recognize Naju, Korea, soon so that My glory and light may shine upon the entire world through him.
There is no time to hesitate and procrastinate in this dangerous age when the violence of the cunning devil continues to increase with a terrifying and powerful force; spreads errors to make even the fervent souls reject My Mother and Me; causes even the shepherds to degenerate into heretics making a state of extreme disorder prevail; and, thus, drags along the numerous herds of sheep who follow them on the road to hell.
When you accomplish the most sublime mission through the plan of salvation that My Mother and I have given you in Naju, Korea, the just wrath of God the Father will turn into a blessing and My Kingdom will come. Therefore, invite the numerous children in the world to the Heavenly Banquet that they may also possess the Tree of Eternal Life. As it also means that they should put into practice the Messages of Love, which are the keys to the shortcut to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, Naju must be approved quickly.
Remembering again the truth that you can resurrect only by dying, at least you, who have responded to My calling, follow My Mother and Me in a simple and righteous way in unity among yourselves and imitating the faith of the martyrs. Then, you will possess the Tree of Eternal Life, receive the radiant royal crowns escorted by the angels, and enjoy eternal happiness at My side.”


What happened while I was writing down the message (1)


At about 8:40 a.m. on March 2, I was remembering and writing down the message that the Lord gave me on the previous day, also remembering how violent the cunning Satan was. Incidentally, Angela who assists me went to the bathroom. At that moment, I heard the angry screaming of Satan: “Now is the chance. Kill her quickly so that she may not be able to spread the message that she received yesterday!”


Immediately, a large number of devils jumped on me and began attacking me. Again, I was violently thrown on the floor together with a chair on which I was sitting. At the moment one of the devils picked up a pair of scissors to cut the main arteries in my neck, I saw the Blessed Mother, even though I could not see her very clearly, come like lightning and strike down the scissors. When the Blessed Mother appeared, Satan and his devils ran away grinding their teeth and cursing.


At that moment, Fr. Chang and others came back from their breakfast, and sprinkled holy water and offered the prayers of exorcism. Fr. Chang said, ‘The message received yesterday must be extremely important, as the devils are so desperate to kill Julia. Julia must surely write down this message and spread it. Let us all gain the victory!’ We all together said ‘Amen’ loudly and laughed with joy.


In the room, a wastebasket and a chair were left turned over, and, on the notebook in which I was writing the message, there was a black stain caused by the devils’ attack. Under my left eye, there were three lines of scratch marks caused by the devils.



What happened while I was writing down the message (2)


After the attack by the devils, I rested in the hotel during the morning, because I felt very dizzy and painful in my head and all over my body. Then, I ate lunch with others and, at about 1:50 p.m., sat before the desk again to finish writing the message of yesterday. Because I felt that this message was very important considering the persistent attacks by the devils since yesterday, I sprinkled holy water on and around the desk. But I forgot to sprinkle it in the bathroom.


I went to the bathroom and, at the moment I flushed the toilet before coming out of the bathroom, I again heard the voice of the head devil: “Now there really is no more time to hesitate. Kill this obstinate woman before she goes out. This time, we must kill her at one stroke without mistake!”


As soon as the order was given, I felt as though someone forcefully pushed me from behind. I was shocked and momentarily lost consciousness. Then, I felt someone was waking me up and opened my eyes with much difficulty. I saw it was Angela. She said that she had heard a loud noise of someone falling in the bathroom after I had entered there, and rushed to me holding a bottle of holy water in her hand. She sprinkled holy water around me lying on the bathroom floor and said the prayers of exorcism.


Hearing the sounds of the commotion, Fr. Chang and others who were in their rooms rushed to my room. They saw the miserable scene of my upper garment torn into pieces and shuddered. One of them said that there might be some wounds on me and checked my right shoulder. Cäcilia Pohl from Germany saw a round wound on my shoulder and said that it appeared to have been caused by the devil’s biting. She said that she had only learned about the devils’ attacks in some books, but now saw them with her own eyes. Filled with amazement, she said that she would make more fervent efforts to spread the Messages of Love from the Blessed Mother of Naju and also make known the reality of the cunning devils.


While conversing with others about the cunning devils, I felt a smarting pain on the back of my neck. Cäcilia took a look and screamed loudly. There were six lines of wounds, looking as if caused by a razor, on the back of my neck. They had not been noticeable at first, but gradually more blood flowed out.


I pray that these little pains that I have suffered will give more glory to my Lord, my Beloved, give more consolation to the Blessed Mother, and encourage more humble love together with endless thanksgiving among all the people in the world.


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