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2010March 20, 2010 - Through your extreme sufferings in atonement for others'sins, many people are waking up from their sleep.

Message on March 20, 2010

I suffered extreme pains as if my neck was being strangled and my head was being crushed. I could not move my body at all because of the pains all over as if I had been beaten with a sledgehammer. My mouth was as bitter as sumac bark. Shivering with cold, I asked earnestly that, through my suffering pains so severe that I felt I was dying, the Lord receive glory, the Blessed Mother be comforted, and the sinners who are rushing on the road to hell receive the grace of repentance. I said, Lord! How much pain did You suffer when You were carrying the Cross and the evil people were flogging and whipping You? Then, You were stripped of Your clothes and were given vinegar mixed with gall to drink, but You only tasted it. Was it not more bitter and disgusting than the taste now in my mouth? At that moment, I heard the loving voice of the Blessed Mother


The Blessed Mother:
"My lovely daughter whom I love! My Son Jesus and this Mother are comforted, because you have not grumbled about your suffering pains of live flesh being torn off but have willingly accepted them offering up prayers that are so ardent as if you were tearing off the very flesh of your human nature for the sake of the Lord and me and for the repentance of the sinners so that your suffering may not be vain."


When I got up after the pains ended, I did not see any wounds on myself but saw blood on the towel under me.



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