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2010March 26, 2010 - All those children who rush to Me through My Mother Mary and pray in unity with you will surely be saved as you wish.

Message on March 26, 2010

I was meditating on the message of love that the Blessed Mother had given us on March 20, 2010 and also on the pains that the Lord and the Blessed Mother are suffering. While I was offering up pains for the repentance of sinners, Satan, who could not just watch me and do nothing, began attacking me. I thought some black object whizzed past me.


Satan: "Look! If God had been comforted by your suffering pains, He would have sent down a reward for you rather than leaving you like this suffering pains so severely. Even so, do you think God really loves you?"


Julia: " Of course, He loves me. . . He loves me immensely.


Satan: "Is that so? Such a fool and a stupid one! Right now, you have so much pain in your body and are close to death, and yet you still pray for sinners, tut, tut, tut. You are saying so, because you do not realize how much pain you have already suffered and how much more pain you are going to suffer. Wake up quickly. Even now, ask God to take away your pains. Then, not only you but also all your family will become rich, and all your concern and worry will disappear. You will enjoy wealth and honor. Why are you hesitating?"


Julia: "Order you in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Satan, shut your mouth and go away! Go to Jesus Christ!"


Satan suddenly grabbed my hair, lifted me up high, and flung me away. I became stuck in the narrow space between the bed, the computer, and the desk. Satan exclaimed.


Satan: "Hey, you all! Quickly kill this wretched woman. Don’t let her live until Easter."


Shoot her with the poisoned arrow that we brought so that she may never come to life again. A large number of the devils jumped on me, beat me, and clasped me forcefully so that I could not move at all.


Satan: "That's good. Now, shoot!"


Even before his order was completed, I screamed silently, Lord, I entrust my soul completely to You. May the Kingdom of the Lord come, the Lord receive the glory, and the Blessed Mother receive the consolation! At that moment, Jesus flew in like lightning, radiated light, and poured down His Precious Blood, and the devils were terrified and fled. Not a single drop of the Precious Blood landed on the devils. Unable to free myself from the narrow crevice, I offered up my pain for the intentions of Jesus and the Blessed Mother and for the repentance of sinners.


Julia: "Lord! Again, You rescued me from the crisis of death."


Jesus: "Yes. Satan tried to kill you, because he considers you, who work for Me, to be his mortal enemy. However, I rescued you who obey with utmost joy and sincerity.
My most beloved little soul! I and My Mother are comforted, because you only wish earnestly the glory for Me and My Mother, because you totally offered up even your free will granted to mankind by God, because you have become a sacrificial offering for Me, laying down even your life, and because you have considered it a joy to suffer pains for the repentance of sinners."


Julia: "Lord! I feel so shameful, because I am so unworthy. Many people are committing sins because of me. Why do You love me so much, who am such a shameful sinner?"
Jesus: "The sins committed by the sinners are so many and are becoming sharp daggers that stab deeply into My Sacred Heart. Even so, when the wickedest sinners come to Me, I accept them. Then, how can I not love you who confess that you are a shameful sinner and become lower?
Do not mind too much what those people, who recklessly misuse their free will and commit the sins of blasphemy, are saying. Because they are blind and deaf, they cannot see or hear, even when I and My Mother scream and scream again repeating the same words through you, and are instead committing the sins of blasphemy. What can I do, as I have allowed them the free will?"
Julia: "Even so, Lord, please forgive them and let them walk on the way of salvation. Because I am too unworthy, I am unable to fulfill all of the Lord’s and the Blessed Mother’s wishes. I am so anxious."
Jesus: "My beloved little soul! If you thought that you did not have even little imperfections, I and My Mother would not have come to you. But you have always lowered yourself and, not only for yourself but also for the repentance of other people, you have suffered pains in atonement for their sins and have asked that their sins be forgiven. For this reason, I have supplied nourishment to many souls spiritually and physically as you have wished."
Julia: "Oh, Lord!"
Jesus: "My beloved baby! When you rush to Me, confessing that you are an unworthy sinner, I cannot see your imperfections but can only see your love and humility. So, I forget about the sins in the world and whisper love smiling with satisfaction."
Julia: "Lord, I wish that even those who pour down malicious words upon me may surely repent during this Lent."
Jesus: "Your profound love with which you even worry about the souls of those who torment you is grounded in My boundless Mercy. That is how you can graciously offer up the prayers of love for them despite their perverseness. This gives joy to My Heart."

Julia: "I feel shameful before the Lord and am becoming endlessly littler. That is because the prayer offered by me, who am so unworthy, only looks like a drop of water."
Jesus: "It is not so. Through your extreme sufferings in atonement for others? sins, many people are waking up from their sleep. As there aren’t many days left before I will rebuild the places destroyed by Satan, with the help from you, the little souls who have responded to My call with Amen, fill the cup of the suffering just a little further. I and My Mother cannot help loving you, as you know well the depth of My boundless Love and Mercy and are always in unity with My suffering Sacred Heart by making reparations to satisfy My justice."
Julia: "Lord! Because the numerous people in the world have sunk into pleasure and are only seeking what is sweet, they are unable to feel the Love of the Lord with which the Lord has saved (the human race) even by being nailed to the Cross and shedding Blood and dying. However, those children who have responded with Amen to the call by the Blessed Mother of Naju are practicing and spreading the messages of love to follow the Lord and the Blessed Mother despite many persecutions and difficulties. Please send down even more abundant grace upon them."

Jesus: "Yes, My kindhearted, little soul! When God the Father personally sent down sulfuric fire from the sky upon Sodom and Gomorrah, destroying not only these cities but also all other cities in the basin, He remembered Abraham and rescued Lot from destruction. Likewise, all those children who rush to Me through My Mother Mary and pray in unity with you will surely be saved and obtain the tree of eternal life on the last day as you wish.

Do not be concerned about the future, but accomplish the mission entrusted to you in your unique role that is irreplaceable with an awareness of your dignity as people who have been saved and are transcendent."


After I received the message, I stood up supported by the sister who was assisting me and saw that the Precious Blood had landed on my clothes and the quilt beside me. I also saw bloodstains on my face that must have been shed while a pack of devils were attacking me to kill me, but I could not see any wounds.


Lord and Blessed Mother! Praise, gratitude, and glory to You forever and ever. Amen!



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