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2010March 28, 2010 - This Mommy is being comforted, however, when I see the sacrifices by those children who are following you and working in unity with you ..

Message on March 28, 2010

The fierce attacks on me by the devils yesterday continued today, March 28, the last Sunday of Lent and only one week before Easter. Yesterday, March 27, at about 2 p.m., when I entered the bathroom, the devils suddenly twined a shower hose around my neck and yanked on it to strangle and kill me. I struggled fiercely not to be dragged, but the toilet seat warmer which I was holding on to separated from the toilet and I fell backward on the floor.


Hearing my scream and the thud from my falling on the floor, the sister who assists me rushed in and chased away the devils by sprinkling holy water. She saw the shower hose twined in a double cord around my neck and head. Because the devils had been strangling and pulling me hard, I was lying on a spot on the floor farther away than the usual length of the shower hose. 

The helpers tried to untie the hose around my neck, but succeeded only after much effort because it was tied so tightly. They were perplexed, because the devils tied the hose, which was not very pliable, and strangled me in just a few seconds after I entered the bathroom. Because I had much difficulty moving myself because of the extreme pains and the repeated attacks by Satan to kill me during Lent, I just remained in bed, meditating and not moving. 

On March 28, at about 3 a.m., it suddenly became bright before me, and the Blessed Mother, wearing a white dress and a blue mantle, came and appealed sadly, shedding tears of blood.


The Blessed Mother: "Ah, I am sad. This is the time when my Son Jesus was accomplishing the great work of salvation and can be called the climax of the Church’s Liturgy. On this day, which is Palm Sunday when the acclamation and the suffering intersect with each other, how good it would be if at least the clergy and the children, who have been called, truly repent in their hearts and meditate on Jesus Christ entering Jerusalem to accomplish the Paschal Mysteries, and make a new start . . . . (silence for a short while).
My beloved daughter, look! The shepherds in the Church and the children who have been called are not trying to fill each other’s shortcomings and learn from each other’s strong points, but are only seeing a speck in their neighbors? eyes, while failing to see the beam in their own eyes, and condemning them as sinners, and are not accepting even a little advice, admitting their own fault, but are resenting the wound made to their self-respect and are getting angry. How delighted the devils would be!
They say that they love God, but are speaking with emphasis, opening and holding difficult books in their hands, having lost their humility. They are trying to become higher than others, are criticizing and rejecting others with insults, are blaming others while being blind to their own faults, and thus are irritating my Son Jesus?eyes and this Mommy’s eyes and wounding Our Hearts. What difference is there between them and the secular people? (Tears of blood fell in drops from the Blessed Mother’s eyes.)
My beloved daughter! This Mommy is being comforted, however, when I see the sacrifices by those children who are following you and working in unity with you who are joyfully offering up your sufferings saying that they are the sufferings of hope and even are suffering pains in atonement for others' sins for their repentance and are shedding tears of reparation.
This world is now so filled with sins that even my priests and children who have been called have become blind and deaf and are playing the role of Judas and Cain in a proud and imposing manner, ignoring the various forms of warning rather than looking for remedial measures against the disasters that are occurring continually. Which place will they really end up going to and what will happen to the sheep that have been following them?

The sins in this world, which are gravely offensive to God, have reached the level where it is impossible to look at them with open eyes, but, at least, those children who follow you and are supposed to know my Son Jesus and me should unite their efforts and meditate on and participate in the silent outcries of my Son Jesus Christ (carrying the Cross) from Jerusalem to Golgotha which He has revealed through you for the purpose of completing the Paschal Mysteries. This will be a consolation to the Lord’s wounded Heart and will wipe the tears of blood from my Son Jesus and me, which We cannot help shedding while looking at the sins in the world.
My beloved children! I wish that, in this grace-filled Holy Week, which is an excellent opportunity to make reparations while waiting for Easter, you accept the words from the Lord and me and put them into practice as they are. Then, you will be victorious over the cunning Devil, who wants to turn the world upside down, and you will soon see the day when the mouths of those who have been criticizing will be closed and your names together with all the details will be recorded in the shining book of life in the Heavenly Kingdom and you will become rich with the grace from God.
Furthermore, the Lord, Who is the Redeemer as well as the Judge of Justice, will soon come to you, riding on the clouds in the sky, displaying His power, and bringing the rewards and fire that He promised to you, together with this Mother, the Queen of Heaven. As I will be on the side of you who have always wanted to be with me, all of you, welcome Easter with a clean heart through repentance in this Holy Week during which preparations are made for Easter so that the Paschal Mystery of the Last Supper and the Paschal Mystery of the Resurrection may be perpetuated."


While suffering the pains, I offered them up as the prayers of life, not neglecting even a sound of my breath, in order to continue wiping the Blessed Mother’s tears of blood and giving consolation to the wounded Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother. While I was lying down in my bed because of extreme pains and meditating on the Blessed Mother’s messages, I shed tears. A sister, who was helping me, was startled and said, “Oh, no! Blood is coming out of your eyes!


I stood up, looked at me in the mirror, and was surprised myself, because I was feeling that tears were continuously flowing down from my eyes causing so much pain that I had difficulty opening my eyes, but when I looked at me in the mirror, I only saw blood around my eyes, which was not flowing down. Lord! I offer up these sufferings despite my unworthiness for the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Mother. Praise and glory to the Lord, Amen!


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