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2010March 31, 2010 -Will you participate in my sufferings so that my tears and tears of blood will not be wasted, ...?

Messages on March 31, 2010


At about 2:40 p.m., I was called by the Blessed Mother and went to the Chapel where the Blessed Mother’s statue was placed.  I made a deep bow three times to the Blessed Mother, knelt, and looked at the Blessed Mother.  She began speaking, while shedding streams of tears of blood on her face.


The Blessed Mother :  "My beloved daughter!
I do not shed tears and tears of blood in vain.  If all the children who come to visit me open their hearts widely and plead with me, I will present them to my Son Jesus so that their souls and bodies will be washed clean and thus healed with the Blood that my Son Jesus shed for the repentance of sinners and the tears and tears of blood that I shed.
If you do not ignore the tears and tears of blood that I have shed and the unprecedented miracles that my Son Jesus has revealed, accept well the messages of love that my Son Jesus and I have given you, and thus lead a life based on the Gospel teachings, you will surely be saved even if grave disasters continue to occur in the skies, on the ground, and in the seas. 
My extremely beloved daughter who is making efforts to the extent of bleeding to imitate my Son Jesus and this Mommy!  Will you participate in my sufferings so that my tears and tears of blood will not be wasted, as you know best that this Mommy is suffering extreme pains because of the stupefying sins of the children in the world?"


I answered immediately.

 " Yes, Mother!  Of course, I will participate in them.  In anything, everything..." 

Even before I finished speaking, tears streamed down from my eyes.  At that moment everyone looked at me and screamed loudly.  They saw me also shedding tears of blood.  A while later, more tears of blood streamed down.  From about 3:30 p.m., no more tears came out of either of my eyes.  My eyes, which had been blurry and painful, instantaneously became clear and completely healed.  Lord, receive glory, and, Blessed Mother, receive consolation.  Amen!


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