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2010December 8, 2010 - Grace from My Sacred Heart, will flow into the numerous souls like a river

Messages on December 8, 2010 

On the Solemnity of the Blessed Mother's Immaculate Conception, the Patroness of the Catholic Church in Korea, I prayed fervently in the Chapel and on the Blessed Mother's Mountain to console the Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother; for the Holy Father, Cardinal Levada, Cardinal Ivan Dias, Archbishop Giovanni Bulaitis, and all those who work for the Blessed Mother of Naju inside and outside Korea; for the pilgrims, who were participating in the celebration, so that they might receive grace and not be attacked by the devils; and for the conversion of the clergy, religious, and lay people. 


 I exerted myself to the utmost, as it was a prayer offered while suffering pains that were so extreme that I could hardly make one step forward.  At the place where little rocks stained with the Precious Blood were preserved, a large quantity of the golden-color fragrant oil came down.  Every time I offered up a prayer, different kinds of fragrance filled the air the fragrance of roses, the fragrance of lilies, the scent of burning for the purification of the souls, the smell of alcohol, and more.


 While I was praying before the Crucifix at Mt. Calvary, light suddenly radiated from the Seven Wounds of Jesus and I felt the light instantaneously piercing my head and going through it.  I screamed unwittingly, because I felt as if my whole head was being pierced. Bleeding continued from the wounds on my head caused by the Crown of Thorns and I received the blood in my hands.


As lots of blood continued flowing down, I received the blood with a handkerchief.  The blood also dripped on the scarf around my neck.


When I opened and lifted up the scarf to confirm the stains of the blood on it, the Precious Blood suddenly dripped down on the scarf. Meanwhile, the priests, the Sisters, and the volunteer helpers (altogether more than ten people) were constantly looking at the bleeding from the wounds on my head, anxiously exclaiming, Oh, no!  Oh, no!? shedding tears, and feeling pain in their hearts.


The pain was extreme as if the whole head was pierced, but I said, Oh, Lord, thank You!  Please make use of these pains that this sinful one is suffering according to Your Will.  Amen ! At that moment, Jesus began speaking with a low voice.


"My little soul whom I love so dearly!  Thank you.
Due to the most sublime and pure love that you have toward Me, I am able forget even for a little while the pains that I receive from the souls who are ungrateful for My Love and gravely offend Me.  Nevertheless, the pains that you have been suffering will not be fruitless at all.  That is because every drop of the blood that you shed will be combined with the Light, Love, and Grace from My Sacred Heart, will flow into the numerous souls like a river, and their souls and bodies will be healed.


As I receive much consolation together with My Mother through your gracious sacrifices and reparations and many souls will receive the grace of repentance through your suffering which you offer up graciously, I will send down great blessing on the children gathered at My huge banquet.  To all my precious children who came with you seeking Me and My Mother, We will open widely Our combined Sacred Hearts that are flaming up with Love and will send down unlimited blessing so that the Love and Peace may be with them."

 Then, I heard the beautiful and kind voice of the Blessed Mother.


 The Blessed Mother:  
 "My beloved clergy, religious, and all the children who have been called and responded with Amen!  Now, as you, who have been called for the smooth accomplishment of my Plan, have courageously become the apostles of the Sacred Hearts in constant unity with my little soul, and remain in my Immaculate Heart, no one will be able to violate you.  Also as I will let you wear the garments of all virtues, your every movement will be led by my fragrance and you will be living as the souls of little persons.
 When you spread my messages of love, which I gave you shedding tears and tears of blood and exuding the fragrant oil by squeezing my whole body in order to wash away the dirty stains from the children of the whole world, you will experience pains, but I will lead you, who have been called from all over the world, to a lofty sanctity so that you may throw off the mask of errors with your mouth as with a double-edged sword, spread the truth, and give off the fragrance of Christ."

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