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2017June 23, 2017 - Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

June 23, 2017 Feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus


Since January 25, 2017, I was devoted toediting the new version of the book on the Five Spiritualities. When the devil of division realized what I was doing, he created so much confusion in this work, that we failed to meet the deadline for publishing the new version of the former edition in June.

We then planned to publish it by October at the latest, but as soon as some people volunteered to work on the project, things went on an unexpected, chaotic path as if we were in a situation akin to the proverb, “too many cooks in the kitchen spoil the broth”. Then I thought, ‘If we go on like this, it would be impossible to publish the new edition by October.’

I decided to do the final editing by myself, even though it was grueling for me, as too many people working on the manuscript can lead to misinterpretations. Since then, the devils that are filling the sky and the earth (滿乾坤: meaning that they are many) began attacking me in indescribable ways in order to kill me. As I did not surrender to them, Satan sought to negotiate with me.

Satan: “You came here to recuperate your health, but instead of resting, why are you making fuss over the publishing of the book, that gives you no benefit whatsoever, while risking even your own life?

Now, just get some rest instead, and you will be cured. Only then, can you work more efficiently with sanity, and your helpers will also feel more comfortable. Why are you attempting to work to the point of death?

If you stop working on the book of the Five Spiritualities of Naju, I will give you back the statue of Mary, which I know you are yearning with love-sickness and anxiety to have it returned to you. I can also set you free from sickness, restore your dying mother back to health, and…”

Even before the Satan could have his last words, I sprinkled the holy water of Naju towards him and said a prayer to chase the devil away in order to stop him from speaking any further, “I command you in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, Satan, to go away from me now and go under the feet of Jesus.” This made Satan blench and run away. He started speaking to the devils very quietly as if whispering, but I could hear him.

Satan: “Hey, all of you, Even the prelates joined forces with the Masons, and they were won over to our side, but this wretched woman is eccentric, really eccentric! Things like Five Spiritualities? If the book is published, many souls whom we have gathered with so much effort to bring to hell will be released by it. We must get rid of her without fail.

(A few months ago) when her blood potassium level elevated up to 12.5, we should have quietly killed her. It’s regrettable and infuriating that we didn’t. Now, she has cardiac failure as well. Besides that, her immunity, oxygen saturation level, and even her autonomic nervous system have completely dropped to the bottom. And further more…Now, we can easily kill her. If this wretched woman dies, our work will succeed. Let’s just throw a fatal blow on her!

A large gathering of devils pounced upon me and threw me around. They kept jumping on me one group after the other, strangling me. Even though I was dying from suffocation, I cried out in my heart, “Lord! As my life is Yours, I offer it to You alone.” At the very moment before I ceased breathing, Our Lord appeared and He shone His light onto me. Satan ran away with all the other devils, saying, “I am going to make your book editing a complete failure. You will see!”

When the Lord put His mighty breath into me, I was saved from the brink of death.

When I regained consciousness, I found my entire body covered with blood and bruises. I had to receive the Sacrament of the Sick several times expecting to die from the after-effects of the devils’ attacks. I offered my excruciating pains for those souls who would receive graces through the book of the Five Spiritualities.

While I barely managed to survive in that manner, I began to proofread the texts one by one, staying up every night for three consecutive months. Concurrently, the devils’ attacks became more severe than ever before.

For example, even though I had proofread the text, some strange words and sentences were mysteriously added when I reviewed them, distorting all the sentences on that page. Some completed reviewed chapters were found to have disappeared subsequently. Therefore, I had to make tremendous sacrifices in the midst of my battle against the devils. The battle was beyond imagination.

Bearing the excruciating pain in my head, from which the golden-colored fragrant oil continuously exuded, I did my best to complete it in time for publication before the 31st anniversary of Our Lady’s first weeping tears of blood by staying up every night working on it, as if I had sufficient sleep. (The Spirituality of ‘Semchigo’)


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