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2021November 7, 2021 - Those who pray before My Holy Image and practice the Five Spiritualities will receive the graces I have promised.

Message of Love from Jesus received 
by Julia Kim of Naju on Nov 7, 2021

On the 1st Saturday of November 2021, I was attending Mass online, amid sufferings in my room. During the time of Holy Communion, I offered an act of Spiritual Communion and I implored Jesus saying:

“My beloved Jesus Who is alive in the Holy Eucharist! If there are people who feel troubled by the price of the Holy Image of Jesus of Mercy in Glory, please fill their hearts with Your grace fully and perform the miracles of love into them.”

Then Jesus, in the Holy Image of His Mercy in Glory enthroned in my living room, transformed into a live Jesus and spoke to me.

Jesus: “My beloved little soul! You are interspersed with altruistic love, participating in the excruciating pains that I suffered on Mt. Calvary, My beloved little baby!
Although you are propagating My Holy Image so that many souls may be saved with the graces according to My Will, you found it poignant because of the price of it.

But you have completed this Holy Image by offering up the pain that you were willing to risk your life with, by having completely accepted the Will of Myself and My Mother for the salvation of My children in the whole world, didn’t you? So, do not worry. I will go to each home and bestow graces through My Holy Image.

All My beloved children in the world!
This Holy Image was completed by My little soul with the triumph over Satan and the devils who fill the sky and the earth, through her practices of the Five Spiritualities amidst harassment, in order to convey My Will as it is so that My children will repent and receive graces.

I want everyone to know that it is I who completed this Holy Image through My little soul’s sacrifice like *double death. (After a person dies, the body is again dissected, cremated, or severely punished)

You would know the parable that the Kingdom of Heaven can be compared to a treasure buried in a field. Didn’t I tell you that the man who found a treasure buried in a field went back with joy and sold everything he had to buy that field?

Those who know its value will meditate on this parable, place My Holy Image at the center of their homes, and practice the Five Spiritualities.

As I am alive and breathing, and I will work through My Holy Image, those who pray before My Holy Image and practice the Five Spiritualities will receive the graces I have promised, and on the last day, they will be brought up to Heaven escorted by angels and will enjoy eternal bliss.”

After He had spoken, Jesus, who is present in the Holy Image of Jesus of Mercy in Glory, blessed me several times.

Actually, when the Holy Image of Jesus of Mercy in Glory was first completed, I made it in an A4 size frame. However, Jesus did not want such a small size but wanted to go to each home as a large-sized Holy Image.

While I was having a hard time because of the price, volunteers helping me said, “If you will recall, remember the lady from the U.S. who had purchased the Holy Image of Divine Mercy of Jesus from Poland at a high price and presented it to Naju informing us that it was an original version. However, since the Holy Image of Jesus of Mercy in Glory was depicted as you actually saw Him, and He said that He was well pleased, you should not have to worry about its price.”

Nevertheless, I have always been sorry and my heart has been heavy and uncomfortable. But then Jesus told me in this way. May only Our Lord receive glory, praise, and gratitude forever!


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