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1997January 1, 1997- Let your souls become even smaller like the Baby Jesus.

Message on January 1, 1997

While suffering extreme pains since last night, I went to the Chapel at about 9 a.m. at the Blessed Mother's call. The Blessed Mother's statue, which had wept before, was in the Chapel. I was barely able to remain sitting up, supported by others, and offered up a candlelight and prayed for the Holy Father, the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio, the Archbishop, the Pastor, my spiritual director, and all other clergy and religious.

A while later, it became bright in front of me. The statue disappeared, and, instead, the live Blessed Mother appeared wearing a white dress and a blue mantle. She had a shining golden crown on her head and was holding the naked Baby Jesus in her left arm and an ivory-color rosary in her right hand. Their beauty was beyond description. While I was looking at Them dumbfounded, the Blessed Mother began speaking with a very kind, loving, and beautiful voice.

"Daughter! My beloved daughter! At this beginning of the new year, looking at the Baby Jesus, your Redeemer, graciously offer up the sufferings that have been given to you and become more and more (like) an innocent child. I have allowed you more sufferings, because sacrifices by little souls are necessary to save this world which has fallen into a great degradation. Therefore, entrust this new year and the new days completely to the motherly love of this Mother of God, let your souls become even smaller like the Baby Jesus, and make a new beginning so that the dispersed flocks of sheep may return.

Even many of my close children who say they are making the Lord known eat, drink, dance, and enjoy themselves excessively at year-end parties and join forces with the devil, which does not lead to good results. That is why you are suffering pains in order to save them. Accept the pains gratefully. If you offer up prayers and pains with joy and love, united with the love of my Immaculate Heart, on the last day of the year and on the day the new year begins, the dispersed flock of sheep will return.

All my beloved children! Even today, I am waiting with my arms outstretched, earnestly wishing that the children, who have alienated themselves from the love of the Lord and me and become miserable slaves of their sins, will return to God. Because most of the children in this world are not awake, the devil lays traps and many souls are falling into his temptations and are rushing on the road of degradation. Because of this, the wrath of God has reached its extremity, and before long, the day will come when they will cry and wail. Therefore, wake up hurriedly and pray. If you keep in mind my words, with which I implore you shedding tears and tears of blood, and follow them, new buds will sprout even on the burnt ground. But many keep their hearts tightly closed. . ."

The Blessed Mother was silent for a while and, then, continued.

"You must wake up hurriedly and pray, because the flames of self-righteous egoism and intense hatred are about to burn and obliterate even the good works of the innocent people, and evil is spreading like a horrible cancer. This Mother in Heaven, who loves and comforts you, will let you, who are my lovable children, know about an amazing plan of salvation and let you penetrate it (=understand it clearly).

Therefore, hurriedly and courageously unite with the Pope, who is the first son of my beloved Church and be embraced in my bosom of love which is broader than the universe. To all the children who come here seeking me and are comforting me, I will feed them spiritually with the milk that I gave to the Baby Jesus in the stable in Bethlehem, protect them in my mantle and let them enjoy peace. An-nyoug."

As she ended her words, the light disappeared and the Blessed Mother and the Baby Jesus became invisible. I realized that my whole body, which had been suffering from pains, was completely healed.

Lord! Glory and praise to you, Amen.


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