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1997January 23, 1997 -Offer up small and large pains graciously.

Message on January 23, 1997

While I was praying in the Chapel together with people from a TV station in Japan and several other pilgrims from the U.S.A. and Korea, very powerful light from the Seven Wounds of Jesus on the Crucifix was shining upon us. At that moment, I heard the loving, kind and beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother. I could not see her, but saw a somewhat misty image of a royal crown enwrapped in light.

"My beloved children! Do not refuse the cross that has been given to you or complain about it. You will experience pains while living on earth, but, if you do not squander the small and large pains but offer them up graciously and follow me, you will receive a royal crown in the next world because of the sufferings in this world. Therefore, hurriedly open the door of your heart widely and rush toward me, who is your Mother in Heaven. I will prepare a refuge where you can relax comfortably."

Even before the Blessed Mother finished speaking, the woman from Washington, D.C. began crying loudly. She testified that she was cured of her heart disease when she received the light from the Seven Wounds of Jesus. When the powerful light was shining upon her, she was repenting (her sins) and received the grace of healing. Lord! Glory and praise to You.


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