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1997April 1, 1997 -I will uphold you as a person who never yields his integrity even in adversity.

Message on April 1, 1997

I visited the Holy See Embassy in Seoul together with Fr. Raymond Spies and several other people and attended Mass there. The main celebrant was the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio. While I was in meditation after receiving Holy Communion, I saw very powerful light coming down from above. In the light were Jesus, Who was wearing an ivory-color mantle and came close to the Crucifix, and the Blessed Mother, who was wearing a blue mantle and holding a rosary on the right side of Jesus. The angels were around Jesus and the Blessed Mother, guarding Them.  At that moment, I heard the kind, pleasant, loving and beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother.

"My beloved sons! Do not be sad or disheartened over the different kinds of difficulties that befell on you.
Order is already crumbling down in this world which is mired in evil habits and degradation. In the resulting chaos, the World of Mystery is being destroyed. However, I am comforted much, because you, who have received the universal graces (which God makes available to all His children) and have become little souls, are trying (to help me), feeling the honor of being the helpers for me, who is your Heavenly Mother and is trying to save the world. With hope, courage and greater humility, come closer to your Lord Who wishes to save the world.

As I already allowed your meeting, you must achieve unity with each other with chains of love, even when you are far from each other. For the triumph of my burning Immaculate Heart, the chains must remain unbroken. Therefore, hurriedly go forward with strenuous efforts.

My beloved son whom I can put in my eyes without feeling any pain. The devil of division will employ many different methods to afflict you, who are a son whom God loves and whom I trust and love, but offer up your pains graciously. I will send angels to look after you so that you may not fall and I, who am your Heavenly Mother, will always be with you. When you are obedient to the Pope, who is the first son of the Church, and achieve unity in my love, I will uphold you as a person who never yields his integrity even in adversity.

Haven't I already said that, when you always trust this Mother's words and follow me in response to the messages of love that I give you, new buds will sprout even on the burnt ground, my Love will flame up on the ruins, and a cup of blessing from God instead of a cup of His wrath will be bestowed upon you? I have also told you that, when you renounce yourselves and spread the burning love from my Immaculate Heart to the children in the whole world, you will experience pains, but, if you achieve unity and follow me together, what you have lost in following the world will turn into eternal joy by gaining me.

My beloved children! As I have been chosen to be the Lord's Helper, all of you have been chosen to be my helpers. Therefore, Heaven is truly yours.

Now, my beloved children! Have trust in all the words that I have given you and hurriedly enter the refuge which I have prepared for you to relax. Also, receive the boundless blessings from the Lord, Who has given up all of Himself for your sake. Then, An-nyoung (Good-bye)."

When the Blessed Mother finished her words, Jesus, Who was wearing an ivory-color mantle and was filled with dignity but also looked so loving, raised His hands and blessed us.


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