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1994February 3, 1994 -Do not bring about the chastisement of darkness, fire and blood upon you.

Message on February 3, 1994

At about 2:30 p.m. in my room, I began feeling severe pains in my whole body from the head to the toes. Offering up these pains to the Lord, I entered deep meditation on the messages that the Blessed Mother gave us recently. A while later, when I was still suffering and weeping, it suddenly became bright and an image of the Blessed Mother's weeping statue appeared above the clothes chest, where she had begun weeping in 1985. Then, the image of the Blessed Mother's statue became larger and turned into the live Blessed Mother. She stepped down from the top of the clothes chest. She was wearing a shiny crown, a white dress, and a blue mantle and was holding a rosary in her right hand. She was also wearing a blue sash around her waist. She was so beautiful. She began speaking with a warm, loving and somewhat anxious voice.


"My most beloved daughter! Tell the children in the world that they should respond to the Lord's call in a hurry, if they want to be saved. How blind and deaf they are and how stubbornly they are refusing to follow me! I have been screaming until my throat bleeds, asking them to repent quickly before the cup of God's wrath, which is already filled, starts overflowing. But because so many children in the world are not listening to my words and are ignoring them, the cup of God's wrath is now beginning to overflow little by little.

Therefore, all the children in the world! Come hurriedly to me so that we can go to the Lord together. Do not think that the many disasters that are occurring all over the world are just random accidents. You must wake up quickly and divert God's wrath from you.

As I told you before, the natural order is now being disturbed and abnormalities are occurring frequently. Thousands and thousands of people are dying because of floods, fires, famines, earthquakes, droughts, tidal waves, traffic accidents, large-scale destructions, many kinds of environmental disasters, and unusual weather. Also, many people are dying because of wars, incurable illnesses and contagious diseases. When snow falls and cold wind blows, you know winter is beginning. When new buds sprout, you know it is spring. Then, why do you still not understand that these disasters are the signs of the beginning of great calamities? Through these many signs, you should know that the time of great calamities is close at hand. Those who suffer most in this world are the innocent babies who are being killed in their mothers' wombs. Why should there be such cruel, inhuman evils?

All the children in the world! My beloved sons and daughters! Do not bring about the chastisement of darkness, fire and blood upon you. People were eating, drinking and marrying until the very day Noah was entering the Ark. They were all swept away by the flood. If you do not listen to my voice with which I am imploring you so ardently, you will be putting yourselves in the same situation.

Depending on whether you accept my words well or reject them, the time of the Second Pentecost and Purification can be advanced or delayed. Therefore, become simple and innocent infants, listening to your Mother and rushing to her. Then, you will be saved through a New Resurrection and a New Birth and this world will surely be saved through the Lord's Resurrection.

My beloved children! Didn't I tell you that, when the sounds of prayers by little souls are combined together and soar high into Heaven, the cup of blessing instead of chastisement will be bestowed upon you? Now, I want to combine all of your prayers, sacrifices, penance, consecration, self-denial, poverty and sufferings together, put them in the cup of my Immaculate Heart, and offer them up to God's Justice that demands reparations.

Therefore, all the children in the world! Hurry up and vigorously spread to the entire world my words which are based on love. You must not hesitate.

(You have already seen) internecine conflicts and major events that have changed the world drastically. Freemasonry is leading this cruel world to destruction and, by spreading heresies in the Church, is causing division and confusion and is promoting a major apostasy in the Church. Meanwhile, some Bishops, priests, religious and many lay people are leading sinful lives, having been trapped in the snares laid by the cunning and wicked Satan, and yet do not realize that they are in sins. They are walking toward hell, thinking that what they are doing is good and of a true value. They are totally ignorant about this, because they are not awake. This is why my Heart has been burning so intensely that it is gushing out blood.

In this age, I am going through the hours of death on the Cross in Gethsemane and Calvary together with Jesus again. My little soul! You are participating in the Lord's Passion together with me. So, have no fear and be strong. And have courage.

There have already been numerous warnings, but (my children are not responding). Therefore, daughter! You need to offer up your bloody sufferings for the sake of the children in the world, contemplating on the Mystery of the Passion of my Son, Jesus Christ. You have already been invited to Calvary; so, contemplate on the life of Job and unite your tears, sighs, sweat and every drop of blood with the Lord's sufferings and mine and offer them up so that they may not be in vain.

My beloved daughter! My burning Immaculate Heart is being pressed down hard by extreme pains caused by the people in the world who have betrayed God and are being controlled by the wicked devil. Daughter! You are taking part in saving this world through your severe sufferings. Therefore, offer them up well. Leave all your worries and concerns to me, your Heavenly Mother. Then, I will become the mark that indicates my working within you together with Jesus."

When the Blessed Mother finished her words, she disappeared and the light was gone, too.


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