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1994August 15, 1994 - I will build where Satan has destroyed.

Message on August 15, 1994


While attending Mass from 10 A.M. at the Naju Parish Church celebrating the Feast of Our Lady's Assumption, I saw a vision after Communion. I was so astonished, because fire balls were falling from the sky upon people and burning them. Fr. Spies was shouting and trying to rescue people and he was being helped by Fr. Aloysius Jang. Soon, fire was spreading and endangering the priests. Suddenly, there was a bright light from the sky and the Blessed Mother came with her blue mantle widely stretched. She rescued the two priests covering them with her mantle. She said to the two priests.


 My sons who have been nurtured to become my apostles! Today I bestow upon you the light of my mercy and love. Even when darkness covers everything, you, who are following me with trust, will receive light and help from me. Even when my enemy seems victorious, I am protecting you from the devil by means of my presence, which is invisible to you, for the purpose of accomplishing my Plan.
This world, filled with sins and covered with darkness, is approaching a destruction through many kinds of disasters and loss of faith. The activities of the Church also are becoming paralized because of the Freemasons. Many children and even the majority of the shepherds who set out to work for the Lord are not awake, see the things of this world from a human standpoint, and carry out their activities in a superficial way. How great the harms to the sheep who are following them will be! I am trying to warn you, who are responding to my call, that the moment of death is drawing near because of their apostasy and disloyalty and to ask for your help.
Send my little soul to the world so that she can spread my intentions in a hurry and correctly. I will turn my messages of love that are being spread through my little soul into fragrant oil for the wounds of the children whose souls are sick.
As I said before, I will build where Satan has destroyed; I will heal where Satan has hurt; and will achieve victory where Satan seems to have won. This word of mine will surely be accomplished. For that purpose, I need your help so urgently.
In this age of the most extreme divisions, Satan wishes that fire fall upon this world. He is even employing the means that transcend time and space in order to destroy the world as his last attempt. Thus, his battle against me has begun already. But I will prepare an armor for you, who are my soldiers, so that you may wear it during the war and will protect you with my shield. Therefore, follow me with a greater trust in me and fight courageously and loyally with the spirit of a martyr.
My beloved priests! My most beloved priests! You are my babies. Babies recognize their mother's voice promptly and follow her joyfully. Console this Mommy by applying the fragrant oil of love to the wounds in her sorrowful Immaculate Heart."


After she ended her words, she embraced the two priests tightly and held their hands lovingly. She smiled and disappeared.


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