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1994September 24, 1994 - I placed you in the refuge of the Mary's Ark of Salvation.

Message on September 24, 1994

Fr. Jerry Orbos from the Philippines celebrated Mass at the Naju Parish Church from about 11:40 A.M. About 40 pilgrims from the Philippines, 20 from the U.S.A. and 10 Koreans attended the Mass. During the Elevation of the Eucharist, I saw the merciful and smiling Jesus in the Sacred Host and felt an indescribable joy in my heart. I offered up an earnest prayer:

Oh, Lord! The King of Love, Our Savior, Who truly came to us by lowering Himself to the extent of becoming our Food in order to save us! Have mercy on Your children so that they may repent hurriedly and be able to avoid the approaching calamity of fire.

After receiving Holy Communion, I came back to the pew and began meditation. At that moment, I clearly smelled Blood in my mouth and asked Rufino and Andrew sitting next to me to take a look. They were surprised and hastily informed the priest. Fr. Orbos and others gathered around me and some began crying loudly after witnessing what was happening. They saw the Sacred Host becoming yellowish brown from the edge and, then, thin blood veins appearing all over the Host. The blood was filling my mouth. After a while, Fr. Orbos told me to swallow the Host, which I did. Soon, I entered an ecstasy and saw a vision.

Numerous people were on board several large ships which were sailing in the ocean. I was in one of them. The ship I was on board was simpler than others, but had a large image of a dove at the head of the ship and, a little behind it, two banners. The banner on the right had the image of the Eucharist and a Chalice and the other on the left had a large "M" on it. Between the two banners was Our Mother of Mercy wearing a blue mantle. She was so beautiful and filled with love. She was guiding the ship.

Other ships, on the other hand, had an image of the Red Dragon erected on board and were brightly and luxuriously decorated in different colors: red, green, yellow and so on. There were large crowds of people in those ships eating, drinking and noisily enjoying themselves. At that moment, several people in our ship looked at the people in other ships with envious eyes. Immediately, those in other ships noticed this and helped them cross over to their ships. The Blessed Mother implored them not to go, but they ignored her and left. The Blessed Mother was weeping silently and sadly.

Some time passed. A big storm was approaching and the sky was turning black. Soon, fireballs were falling from the sky. The Blessed Mother promptly stretched out her mantle and covered us. We were safe. But those in other ships were burning and screaming. They fell into the sea and drowned after some struggle. It was a terrible scene that one could not even look at with open eyes. The Blessed Mother was watching this shedding tears and with so much anxiety. She rescued several people who were approaching our ship, calling the Lord and asking for the Blessed Mother's help. They were people who had been blind and fallen into the devil's deception, but repented and sought the Lord at the last moment. When the Blessed Mother finished rescuing them, the storm ended and the ocean became calm. The sky became clear and blue again and a bright light was shining upon us. There were sounds of the angels singing: Ave, Ave, Ave Maria . . . At that moment, the Blessed Mother began speaking to all of us with a kind and gentle voice.


"My most beloved children! In these end times, I called you to be my apostles and placed you in the refuge of the Mary's Ark of Salvation which I prepared for you, as a hen gathers her chicks under her wings. Keep this in mind and do not look back or get off the Ark. I clearly tell you that, in this age of purification, I love not only your soul but also your body and walk with you holding your hands on the perilous road. This place is the shortcut to Heaven where you can fully participate in the glory of my Son Jesus. I guide you all with my love so that you may become children and little souls. That is the only way my Son Jesus and I can converse with you and live together.

In this time of purification, numerous children on vast continents join hands with the devil, think and speak with an adult's mind, mobilize all the human knowledge and wisdom and, as a result, make wrong judgments and behave accordingly. Because of this, they loiter around outside the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart and do not understand the words of their Heavenly Mother. This gives me much pain in my Heart.

These days the devil's deceptions are so cunning as to even involve tricks that not only good souls but also many of the shepherds are being misled. Should the many sheep which follow them be left alone to inadvertently make mistakes and perish because of many kinds of disasters? I ask you, whom I have called, to spread my messages of love to them and, thus, wake them up so that they may truly understand the Lord, as they are now blind and deaf spiritually and are inviting their own chastisement and walking toward their perdition. My Son Jesus spread the Good News of Salvation saving numerous souls and performing many miracles of love during His short public life. Likewise, I have prepared you for this extremely important moment. So, help all others convert, heal their illnesses, treat their deep wounds, spread the graces, peace and love, and forgive them regardless of their offenses.

If all my children in this world transcend national boundaries, racial barriers and factional differences, form a unity and harmony with each other, and display the power of love, the Church will be revitalized, a shining new Pentecost will be realized and this world will be saved through the Lord Who is present in the Eucharist.

Martin Luther tried the Reformation, but he, too, was a beloved son of mine just like yourselves. Humans can make mistakes, but remember that the Lord can turn evil into good and use even our mistakes. Therefore, do not ever judge and criticize others in human ways. The smaller separated churches have not accepted me, but will gradually accept me as the Mother of the Church. My beloved little souls! As I was together with the Apostles in the cenacle in Jerusalem, I will always be with you who are following me. So, spread my words of love not only to Catholics but also to all my children in the world. You, who are spreading the words that the Lord and I give you, may experience internal death agonies, but remember that your Heavenly Mother has prepared a refuge where you can relax forever. Continue your strenuous efforts, spreading the truth about the Lord Who is truly present in the Eucharist.

How ardently has the Lord desired to share this Mystery of Passover with you! My Son Jesus, Who shed His Precious Blood through the Five Wounds on the Cross for the salvation of His children in the world, is still coming to you as the Transfuser through the Blessed Sacrament administered by priests and will stay with you and live among you always. As I told you before, keep your hearts wide open all the time and make frequent Confessions so that you may receive the Lord with a clean heart. Meditate deeply on the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist and stay awake. Then, instead of the terrifying chastisement of blood and fire which is to fall upon this world, the Lord's infinite mercy and blessings of salvation will be bestowed upon you."

When she finished speaking, the vision ended, too.


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