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1994October 23, 1994 -The hour of apostasy and betrayal in the Church is seriously approaching.

Message on October 23, 1994


At about 8:30 a.m., I felt the Blessed Mother's call and went to the Chapel. Her statue was smiling and looked especially beautiful. While I was in deep meditation before the statue, it suddenly became bright around the statue and two beautiful angels appeared?/font>one standing on the right side of Our Lady and another on the left. The statue turned into the live Blessed Mother. She began speaking in a friendly and kind manner.


"My beloved daughter! As I shed tears and tears of blood for the conversion of sinners for 700 days, I have given you fragrant oil for 700 days until today by squeezing all of myself with all my love, for the salvation of the children in the world, after preparing and showing the fragrant oil on my head for 400 days. But how many children have returned to my bosom so far?
Daughter! I could wash myself or have angels wash me, but want you to wash me with the water that I have prepared for you. I, who am your lonesome Heavenly Mother deserted by many people, wish to receive a deep filial love, devotion and comfort from all my children.
But daughter! The world is being placed in a grave danger because of the escalating sins. In this extremely important age when the cup of God's just anger is overflowing, you must display the spirit of martyrdom and hurriedly inform all the children in the world of the wishes of this anxious Mother as the final effort to save this world. The human race is going through agonizing moments at many places around the world. Members of the same family are striking each other, nations are confronting one another, and people in the same nation are cruelly killing each other. Isn't this a time of terrible sufferings?
As the pains of labor continue at many places in the world, I will call the representative of the Pope (the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio in Korea) through your spiritual director. I called you (plural), who are experiencing spiritual and internal difficulties and to the decisive battle between me and Satan. Therefore, increase your courage and cry out loudly the messages of love from the Lord and me. I will always be with you. I am going to call him (the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio) so that you may work with him to prevent the human race, which is living in a barren wilderness and facing a crisis, from building a second Tower of Babel and being destroyed as in the time of Sodom and Gomorrah. Hurriedly and more vigorously spread my messages of love to the entire world. Shouldn't we rescue all the people who are bringing about their own chastisement and bloodshed?
My beloved children! The hour of apostasy and betrayal in the Church is seriously approaching due to the work of the Freemasons, but even many of the clergy and religious are spiritually blind and deaf, are not faithful to their vocations, become corrupt internally, and do not recognize my words. This Mother feels so anxious.
The Pope, who is the Vicar of my Son Jesus and the first son of the Church, is groaning under the death agony at Gethsemane at this time. His heart is being pressed down with deep sorrows, as he climbs Mt. Calvary carrying a cross of cruel pains. As he is human, he suffers from the weakening of his body and the pains and fatigue in his body. But he feels more pains and a deep loneliness, because many, who used to support him and love him dearly, are betraying him like Judas, disobeying him, blocking him and not supporting him any more. However, I am always supporting him at his side with my motherly love. Therefore, you must remain loyal to him, support and protect him, listen to his words, be united with him and pray for him continuously with a loving heart.
When all of you, who are following me, live a consecrated life, offering up your sacrifices and penance for the conversion and salvation of sinners, I will guide you all on the road that surely leads to Heaven. When you say "Yes" to my words and follow me completely, you will see a new daybreak upon a new world that has been purified."


When the Blessed Mother ended her words, the two angels, as well as the light, disappeared. The appearance of the Blessed Mother returned to that of her statue.


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