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1994November 2, 1994- Only My Mother can turn the just anger of God the Father away from you.

Message on November 2, 1994


There was a Mass celebrated by Fr. Martin Lucia at St. Anthony's in Kailua, Hawaii. Fr. Lucia has been promoting Eucharistic devotion all over the world. During Mass, I saw an image of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist. He was nailed to the Cross and bleeding. When I received Communion, I heard the voice of Jesus, filled with dignity and love.


"My little soul, who humbles herself constantly, thinking that she is unworthy! Today My Mother arranged your meeting with the priest who is spreading the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist so that I, Who came down from Heaven to shed Blood and become a sacrificial offering for the salvation of all the children in the world, may spread My burning Love to all of you.
As Fr. Jerry (of The Philippines) responded to My Mother's call, My beloved priest here also responded to her. So, all the priests, religious and lay people who have accepted My Mother's call must unite with each other and with your spiritual director, forming a chain of love, and unceasingly spread all over the world the Mystery of the Holy Eucharist and the intentions of My Mother who is imploring you shedding tears and tears of blood to save the whole human race.
Many shepherds may appear to have faith in Me, but their souls are closed and locked and do not truly accept Me. When they celebrate Mass in a superficial way, they are closing the door to God, while opening it to the devil. Thus, the devil is causing confusion even among the shepherds and is making them become insensitive to and unaware of their sins and become defenseless. Because of this, numerous children who say they are believers are treating the Eucharist carelessly. How can I work in them? 
I wish to work miracles of love for all My children through the Eucharist because of My boundless Love for them, but they do not prepare themselves for receiving Me, do not realize My True Presence, insult Me with sacrilegious communions, and, thus, neglect and betray Me. Because of this, I am deserted by numerous children and left alone in the tabernacles, waiting anxiously for them to return to Me and give love to Me.
My beloved children! Clearly tell everyone that the Mystery of Salvation is being realized through Me Who is present in the Holy Eucharist.
Also have complete trust in and reliance on My Mother who is also your Heavenly Mother. My Mother, who is united to the sufferings of My Sacred Heart and is weeping tears and tears of blood and praying constantly so that all the children in this world may leave their sinful ways and return to My Bosom of Love, is the only one who can turn the just anger of God the Father away from you.
When Jesus ended speaking, the Sacred Host in my mouth was melting and was giving off a strong smell of blood. The Sacred Host turned into visible Flesh and Blood. Those who were at the Mass saw the Blood and the live and moving Flesh. They were shedding tears and praising the Lord Who is truly present in the Holy Eucharist."


"Oh, Lord! Praise, gratitude, glory and adoration to You. Amen."


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