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1994November 24, 1994 (2) -Sow the seeds of the Holy Spirit.

Message on November 24, 1994 (2)


At about noon, I stood up to go home next door. I walked supported by Julio, my husband, and Rufino, as I had fallen down on the floor because of the strong light from above and was feeling tired. When I was about to open the Chapel door, the Blessed Mother called me in a hurry.


"Julia! Hold the hands of the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and your spiritual director and come to me in a hurry!"


I immediately held the hands of the Apostolic Pro-Nuncio and Fr. Spies, went to the Blessed Mother together with them and knelt before her. The Blessed Mother continued with a kind, pleasant and loving voice.


"Giovanni! Thank you for responding to my call. You are truly my beloved son who received special graces. You had such a perfect faith as to completely trust my merciful Immaculate Heart and respond to me. Today you are specially invited to this place as the representative of the Pope who is the first son of mine and of the Church.
My beloved son, Giovanni! Be united with my poor daughter who is weak and in pains and who considers herself the most unworthy and least qualified person in the world and, thus, help save the children in the world who live in sins . . .
My Heart is burning so much that I am throwing up blood, because I wish to spread my voice to the world through my daughter in this urgent time, but this is being blocked because of narrow-minded insistence on habitual ways by human thinking. I cannot wait any longer, because a total disaster is possible due to the schemes of the Freemasons.
My most beloved priest! Even many of the leaders in the Church are rejecting my messages of love and committing the sins of sacrilege by concocting many lies for the simple reason that my messages have not yet been approved. How great the damage will be to the sheep that are following them! Help me so that my messages of love may be approved soon. By doing so, you will be comforting the Lord Who is present in the Holy Eucharist.
In this current age, numerous children are hastening on their way to hell, making this world like Sodom and Gomorrah. The cup of God's just anger is full and the chastisement is so close. That is why I gave special graces to my unworthy daughter so that she may go out to the world and spread my messages of love, but even this is being criticized. Hurriedly arrange a meeting between the Pope and my daughter who has offered up everything to spread the Lord's Words and mine. I will surely be in that meeting. Therefore, do not worry about possible reactions, but sow the seeds of the Holy Spirit. If even one tiny seed falls on fertile soil, you will be rewarded in Heaven and give joy to Heaven. You will be showing the way to Heaven to all peoples and giving a great joy and comfort to me who am in pains.
My beloved sons! I will be with you so that you may spread the messages courageously and wisely. Therefore, hurry up! Now, together with the Lord, I bestow upon all of you the light of my boundless love and mercy. Good-bye! An-nyoung!"


When I said,  "Amen," a small Eucharist came down enwrapped in light. The Blessed Mother said, "Receive the Eucharist in a hurry." As I was using both of my hands to hold the hands of the Apostolic Nuncio and Fr. Spies, I hurriedly received the Eucharist with my tongue, because I was afraid It might fall on the floor. Seven priests and about 70 lay people in the Chapel witnessed this.



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