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1995January 18, 1995- Pride can ruin not only individuals but the whole world.

Message on January 18, 1995

While I was suffering pains, I strongly felt the Blessed Mother's call and went to the Chapel supported by a helper, as I was not able to walk alone. As soon as we opened the door of the Chapel, we smelled a fresh, sweet and powerful fragrance of roses filling the Chapel. Light was also radiating from the Blessed Mother's statue. I offered up a candlelight to her and began praying. Then, I heard the beautiful and friendly voice of the Blessed Mother from her statue.

"My beloved daughter! Even in this current age, my Son Jesus is suffering on the Cross shedding much Blood and covered with Blood to save this world permeated with sins. This Mother who watches this is also bleeding from her torn Heart.

Offer up your current pains of delivery graciously so that all the children may repent soon. I feel so anxious when I look at you suffering pains while following me. But come closer to me, filled with the hope that the joy of birth will surely come.

Do you know how I am comforted by your effort to prevent even one soul from perishing? Have no fear and try harder to help all the children come aboard the Ark of Salvation. Now is the best opportunity for you (plural) to repent. When God sends a warning, sufferings accompany, too. But if you repent and comply with my requests, the cup of God's blessings will be bestowed upon you. So, do not waste this precious time and opportunity.

I have already indicated several times through Fr. Gobbi and you, who (Julia) are unworthy, that this current age is extremely urgent.

My most beloved daughter! How can I be unaware of your heart that agonizes with sufferings, even though you have asked for them!
I am anxious, too. I could let you stand up right away, but you continue suffering extreme pains, because too many children in the world are falling into sins and I need souls who offer sacrifices in order to save even one more soul.

The lotus flower does not blossom when the water is changed repeatedly, but it blossoms beautifully in a dirty pond. Likewise, remember that you can arrive at glory only through sufferings. Offer them up well for the conversion of the children in the world.

All the children in the world! I ask all the souls not to listen to the sounds of evil.
The devils rejoice so much when they take away joy from you. They cause division among people and press down their hearts with darkness and sorrows. So, be watchful all the time and carry your cross well, even when it feels too heavy.

If you lay down the cross thinking that it is too heavy, evil, which has been waiting for that moment, may enter you right away. I implore you ardently. As water flows to lower and lower places, my Son Jesus went down to lower places again and again. All of you must imitate my Son Jesus and become lower and lower.

The bodily matters belong to the world, while the spiritual matters belong to Heaven. Following this Mother's wish that you pursue the heavenly matters only, offer up your sufferings totally and graciously."

After a brief pause, the Blessed Mother continued, weeping.

"Now, look! They said, "The Shinkansen (the bullet-train railway in Japan) has been built so solidly that it will withstand any natural disaster." (Note: There was a devastating earthquate in the Kobe area in Japan on January 17, 1995.) What was the use of saying that?

I love that country and that nation so much that I have given them an opportunity to repent, imploring them with tears. But most of them have closed their hearts, have failed to live according to God's Will and have not accepted me, who is their Heavenly Mother.

Pride can ruin not only individuals but the whole world. God broke their pride with which they trusted human power without realizing that God can destroy iron pillars and brass walls so solidly built by humans in one moment and He can erect them in one moment, too. 

But I love that country and that nation so much that, in response to the prayers of the little souls who are practicing my messages of love and following me, I will gather them under my mantle and help them to be saved by returning to God, repenting their sins truthfully and living a sincere life with all their hearts.

Do not think that all these were random accidents, but wake up hurriedly, throw away pride and selfishness and come closer to me with a humble heart. Then, I will offer you up to the Lord; the Lord's blessing instead of His chastisement will come down upon you and my Immaculate Heart will surely triumph, which will give you a great joy, love and peace and fill your faces with happy smiles.

My dear children! Many children were sacrificed, not because they were at fault, but because there only were extremely few children who were accepting the Lord's Words and me. Do not think complacently of this as a matter of people far away, but pray.

If you do not live according to God's Words and do not go to the Lord with me, there may be more and more natural disasters, depletion of natural resources, wars, communicable diseases, many kinds of environmental pollution, and other calamities. Therefore, you must stay awake, pray and live a life of conversion and, thereby, enter my Immaculate Heart.

All the children in the world! It is not too late yet. Accept my messages of love that I give you through my little soul and come back to my bosom which will be your refuge.

As I told you before, I will let the triumph of my Immaculate Heart and the light of mercy spread to the entire world from Korea. Let all the children in the world know this so that they may wake up and pray."

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