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1995February 2, 1995- There is no time to waste by hesitating. March ahead bravely.

Message on February 2, 1995

For some time, I had been staying at a relative's house because of severe pains. So, on New Year's Day (according to the lunar calendar), I was not able to be with my family or the Blessed Mother('s statue). But I was so anxious to see the Blessed Mother on this Feast Day of Presentation that I went to the Chapel. 

There I grasped the feet of the Blessed Mother whom I had been so ardently longing to see and prayed, "Mother! You told us, 'I will help you with my power that can crush the serpent.' Please help this endangered world to be saved with your power that can crush the serpent . . ." At that moment, I heard the loving and beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother from her statue.

"My beloved daughter! This is the day when I presented my Son Jesus to God the Father and also the day when it was foretold by Simeon that I would experience the pains of my Heart being pierced with a sharp sword.

As Simeon predicted, I have received numerous pains from my beloved children, but, at the same time, I am being comforted by souls like you who are participating in my sufferings. My daugher who is so exhausted! With renewed courage and energy, march ahead bravely. There is no time to waste by hesitating. Do not worry even when you hear all kinds of insults.

Know that all the insults that you hear are actually insults to me and offer them up well. Numerous children, who have gone far away from my Son Jesus and me, have been swept away by storms and have fallen into errors and, because of the resulting lack of faith, are not able to accept the Dogmas and are causing a great disorder in the Liturgy and the Church Laws. Even many shepherds have fallen into this disorder and are walking along the way to hell. The gate of hell is wide open to receive them.

I have already told you again and again what the remedies are against the many disasters that are striking many places in the world . . ."

The Blessed Mother continued with a voice filled with sorrows and almost crying.

"As I told you before, daughter, fire can fall from the sky upon the souls who are blind and deaf and are wandering without knowing the way. But there are not enough little souls yet who can soften the just anger of God. Therefore, help me by moving to the place which I have prepared (the mountain where the new basilica will be built) holding hands with the priests whom I have chosen with love.

Remember that, with a great thirst and anxiousness, I am inviting all the children in the world to come aboard my Ark of Salvation so that I can take them (to Heaven). And prepare a most joyful place with the pure love from my Immaculate Heart.

Hurriedly spread my messages of love to my children who do not know the way to Heaven and, by doing so, comply with the wish of this Mother who wants to save them from danger.

All my beloved children in the world! My messages of love will be the brake that suppresses disorder. All the children in the world must hurriedly understand my messages of love and accept them. If the children in the world do not follow the Will of God and do not accept my words, God will respond with severity and they will not be able to escape from the fire of justice. A safe tomorrow cannot be promised.

But if you comply with the wish of this Mother who wants to carry out through you the Plan of Love and Salvation that God of the Most Holy Trinity has entrusted to me and answer with an "Amen", the blazing flames of the Holy Spirit will renew this world and make it shine and you will be saved in that light."

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