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1995May 9, 1995- Try to become signs of my love filled with my Motherhood.

Message on May 9, 1995

I attended the 7:30 p.m. Mass at the Parish Church. While I was in deep meditation during Mass in order to be united with the Heart of the Lord, I saw a vision. The Holy Father was celebrating Mass together with many priests. Jesus, Who was wearing an ivory-colored mantle, was standing by the Holy Father; the Blessed Mother, who was wearing a blue mantle and was so beautiful, was also there. She began speaking with an anxious voice.


"My beloved daugher! I am so anxious, because even the shepherds who have responded to God's Call are not following God the Father's Will completely and are unable to enrich the souls who are thirsting for Love . . . 

The Lord wishes to perform miracles of love through the Pope, Cardinals, Bishops and priests who have responded to my call, but the clergy who are following my Son Jesus are so few. Now, look."

said the Blessed Mother. I saw that the clergy who are truly following the Lord were so few. Many priests were compromising with the world and were becoming demoralized. Some, including even a Cardinal and a Bishop, were deserting their vocation. The Blessed Mother was watching this and was shedding tears.

"Daughter! My enemy's fury is increasing rapidly and he is crying out with joy and victoriously over the fall of many priests. This Mother of Heaven cannot help crying continuously because of the heretics who have deviated from the true and traditional Church. 

Many priests, who should look after the sheep which have been lost and are wandering about, are facing the danger of losing true faith. They even sometimes forget about the Resurrection of Jesus, because they are immersed in the spirit of the world which is permeated with disbelief and errors.

Thus, the tide of a great apostasy is spreading extensively inside the Catholic Church. Therefore, try to become signs of my love filled with my Motherhood . . .

Even if the land has dried up, I will become like the sea with powerful tides, if you become united and practice my words.
I will always be in the deepest corners of your souls, if you do not fear anything but trust me completely. Pains of delivery may be great, but they are signs of a great joy that is approaching.

If you believe my words and put them into practice, you will be singing joyfully in the garden of God's Kingdom where there is not even a trace of darkness.
Sons and daughters who have been called because you are so dearly loved! This Mother, who is the Mediatrix of Graces and the Co-Redemptrix, will transform you through the little soul whom I have chosen.

So, do not fear but settle down. Today, this Mother in Heaven is accepting your little hearts into my Immaculate Heart. Bravely become apostles of my Immaculate Heart in unity so that my Plan may be realized well. When you follow me walking a little person's way of love with humility, faith, reliance and trust, I will enwrap you with the armor of the Holy Spirit so that even the arrows of fire that the devil throws at you may not dare hurt you."

After the Blessed Mother ended her words, I saw the Holy Father and many priests celebrating Mass together with huge crowds of people from all over the world.


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