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1995June 11, 1995- How would it be possible that many people receive graces except through pains?

Message on June 11, 1995

I was in bed because of extreme pains. I could not open my eyes or move my body. The nails from close helpers go deeper and cause greater pains. They must be hurting the Hearts of Jesus and the Blessed Mother even more. I wept thinking about my unworthiness. I had so earnestly wanted to lead a hidden life.

I cried, because my heart was being torn with overflowing sorrows over the criticisms and judgment that the Blessed Mother receives because of my unworthiness and sinfulness. What should I do? What should I do? Suddenly, I heard the warm and yet sorrowful and anxious voice of the Blessed Mother.

"Daughter!  Today is the great Feast Day of the Holy Trinity. I feel sadness in my Heart when I see you lying down exhausted, while praying for unity in the whole world. I can raise you up right away and liberate you from pains.
But, the world is unable to achieve unity and is filled with darkness because of many sins. The devil has laid traps with thorns, venom and cruelty. That is why your sufferings are necessary. Offer them up well.

Do your best in everything and prepare a book with testimonies from many children who have received love from the Lord through me so that you may not fall into the grave events filled with pains. If they give testimony on the graces they have received, they will receive more blessings.

How would it be possible that many people receive graces except through pains? Why are you hesitating and trying to give it up?

Execute it without reservation. Do you understand this? The current age demands miracles. That is why I prepared a plan. Why are you trying to give it up with your own thinking? Do not follow the wishes of the enemies, but obey this Mother's words in a simple way.

Through the mercy of God the Father, new days are being prepared for you. In this early stage, there are many priests who persecute you, alienate you and even call you, my little soul, an insane woman. But do not forget that there also are my beloved priests who are following me and supporting you. 

Proceed as I told you without worrying. Then, your doubts will go away, your faith will increase and the lost children of the world will be comforted.

Numerous people are spiritually blind and deaf and are rejecting my presence, because their hearts are so dried up in extreme poverty and lack of understanding. That is why I am asking your spiritual director and you to publish a book with testimonies on the graces that many children have received.

Do not worry about the consequences, but march ahead bravely. This Heavenly Mother will take care of the results and accomplish amazing fruits. Those who are walking the way of ruin and destruction, judging and criticizing (me), will come back as simple and good children following this Mother thanks to the book. Some of those who are alienating me now may still refuse to accept me (despite the book). 

 day will come when they will beat their chests because of shame. Make haste. I am asking you, because I want to protect the numerous children who are walking toward hell.

Stay alert remembering that my enemy is active, violent and dangerous and is trying to topple you. Nobody knows the hour, but God can take your soul early for the salvation of many children. But when the prayers of numerous souls are combined together and soar high into Heaven, your life on earth will be extended and my burning Immaculate Heart will triumph.

Brace yourself with more strength, because my enemy is mobilizing all the available means to block you, beat you up, and destroy you. He is using all his power to discourage you and intimidate you so that you may give up the work and my plan may be delayed.
I will always be with you and perform miracles of love."

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