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1995June 16, 1995 -Go to the world in a hurry and cry out.

Message on June 16, 1995

I offered up indescribably severe pains that had lasted for several days for the conversion of sinners and the sanctification of priests and religious. On June 30, it will be the tenth anniversary of the Blessed Mother's first tears. During the past ten year period, she has revealed her presence by shedding tears, tears of blood and fragrant oil for the salvation of all the children in the world.

She has allowed miracles directly or indirectly to numerous people on countless occasions. Despite all these, she has not yet been approved. Instead, she has been receiving misunderstanding, criticism, and accusations. I felt so sad, when I thought about the Blessed Mother who had been suffering so much.

I had an appointment to see Fr. Spies in Anyang. It was difficult to keep that appointment because of my pains, but I went to Fr. Spies praying to the Lord, "I am Yours, if I am dead. I am Yours, if I am alive. I am Yours always. Your Will be done." I attended Mass celebrated by Fr. Spies. During Mass, I was lying down because of pains. 

Soon, I entered an ecstasy and began trembling at the sight of people who were being purified by the fire in Purgatory. Then, I heard the voice of Jesus.

"Are you hesitating and trying to lay down the cross saying that you are unworthy and unqualified? But you promised to suffer pains and I saved you from death several times in order to make use of you."

I was surprised and looked around.

"You make frequent Confessions and do much penance. But you have frequently faltered despite your promise of martyrdom. Will you walk through the fire in order to purify your soul even more?"

I was scared, but said, "Yes," and walked through the fire. The heat and pain were beyond human description.

"Now your soul has been purified. Go to the Kingdom of God."

Right away, angels took me to Heaven which I had seen before (July 24, 1988). God the Father was sitting on a high throne. The Blessed Mother was also there surrounded by angels.

"Child . . . (after a pause) Do you want Me to chastise the world now?"

"No, please wait a while longer. More souls will repent according to the Blessed Mother's words. There already are many who are repenting."

"Then, will you return to the world and spread (the messages) more diligently?"

"But . . . I am not qualified. It is beyond my power. I am so unworthy. So many people do not realize that the end times are approaching."

"That is right. If the people in the world knew that the end times are approaching, they would repent . . . If they do not repent until the end, there will only be ruins.

You must go and tell them that I, Who am God and Father, will soon speak with a stern voice. You must protect yourselves with prayers.

If priests, who are ministers of Jesus and were chosen by Me through My Son, do not listen to My Words and continue to judge and criticize them, the sheep who are following them will also continue to walk toward hell. They must keep in mind that My judgment will be fierce. They are blocking the Gate of Heaven with their knowledge, leaving numerous souls to loiter and wander outside. I cannot tolerate this any longer.

When one priest is ruined, it is not just he who is ruined. Many souls fall together with him. This gives Me extreme sorrows.
My beloved daughter! Many priests, religious and lay people are committing sins with their tongues. Can you suffer the pains of the fire in Purgatory so that they may repent?"

"Yes. If they can repent, I will suffer the pains."

I stuck out my tongue and received the pains of fire on it. Even after the suffering, my tongue remained charred and black. One side of my tongue was red and cracked. I had no saliva in my mouth and felt so painful.

"I feel so painful in My Heart and this world truly needs to be chastised. But I see your earnest wish and your loving heart offering up sufferings to save even one more soul. Go to the world in a hurry and cry out."

At that moment, the Blessed Mother who was wearing a blue mantle came to me as if she was flying and embraced me.

"Now, receive the Holy Eucharist in a hurry which is Heavenly Food and will fill your soul."

I woke up and saw that Fr. Spies was about to give me Communion. Because my tongue was hardened, I could not swallow the Sacred Host. I made gestures asking for water. Fr. Spies gave me the Precious Blood and I could swallow the Host.

At that moment, I saw a vision. The Blessed Mother was sitting wearing a shiny royal crown and was carrying the Baby Jesus. She had a beautiful, peaceful and bright smile. In her front were the Holy Father, the Apostolic Pro Nuncio, Fr. Spies, other priests and lay people who love the Blessed Mother, playing joyfully like children.

After the Mass, I made a Confession to Fr. Spies, while still lying down. The Blessed Mother was sitting nearby. Jesus was standing just behind the priest. While hearing the Confession, Fr. Spies was not aware that the Blessed Mother was sitting beside him. When Fr. Spies touched the place where the Blessed Mother was sitting with his left hand, it slipped because that place was slippery with much fragrant oil. Soon, the fragrant oil dried up. We were so amazed.


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