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1992May 27, 1992 - Wipe away my blood and sweat with your life.

Message on May 27, 1992

In the Holy Land


While I was doing the Stations of the Cross at the Via Dolorosa in Jerusalem carrying a cross, my heart was aching so much as if it were about to burst.


Jesus was suffering not only because of the weight of the Cross, but because of the pains and exhaustion from so many scourgings and the crown of thorns. When He fell, He had to stand up again for the conversion of sinners. He carried the Cross to the end in love, shedding blood and sweat.


Jesus loved us so much that He became our Food and stays with us even at this time.


I was carrying the cross in order to comfort Jesus even a little. My face was covered with sweat and tears. I wept so much that I did not know which Station we were at. Someone gave me Kleenex tissues and I wiped my face with them. Suddenly, my husband and others shouted, "It's blood!" and began crying. When I looked at the tissues, there was blood. 


Somebody gave me a handkerchief, with which I wiped my face again. There was blood on the handkerchief, too. I asked others if they could see any blood on my face. They said they only saw sweat and tears. The blood marks on the handkerchief were spreading like tree branches. It was the Sixth Station (where Veronica wiped the Face of Jesus with a cloth). When we reached the Twelfth Station, I heard the voice of Jesus.


My beloved children! I am Love. Didn't I give you all of Me? If you know that I am shedding blood, sweat and bloody tears for you even at this moment, wipe away my blood and sweat with your life. Your life should be one of conversion. There was Judas, too, who insulted Me. But, like Mary Magdalene, all of you must convert and walk toward Me holding the hands of Mary, My Mother, tightly in this dangerous world.


When Jesus finished His words, I noticed that my side was swollen a lot, which others could see, too. There also were bruises all over my body.


Glory and praise to the Lord! Amen. Alleluia.


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