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1992May 31, 1992 - If you unite with each other in love and follow me!

Message on May 31, 1992

In Lourdes, France

Together with the Korean and Filipino pilgrims who accompanied me on the trip, I attended Mass celebrated by Father Jerry Orbos from the Philippines at 3 p.m. in a small chapel at the Cathedral in Lourdes. While I was in meditation after receiving Holy Communion, I heard a loving, kind, and yet sorrowful voice of the Blessed Mother.

Daughter! Look at those numerous children. The children who try to wipe away tears that flow from my merciful eyes in order to soften the just anger of God are so few. Tears cannot dry in my eyes, because so many compromise with their selfishness and not with the holy heavenly matters.

That is why I called all of you specially, asking for your prayers and reparation for the conversion of sinners. If you unite with each other in love and follow me, you will become a large net of love. The Lord will use you as a net that catches people and, thus, will accomplish salvation.

My beloved daughter! Spread my messages of love courageously in all the corners of the world. You will experience many difficulties, but do not forget that I am with you always. Offer up sacrifices and reparations without ceasing for the sake of my poor children. Your pains that cause bleeding inside will certainly not be fruitless. An-nyoung!


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