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1992June 1, 1992 - When you come to Me through My Mother, you will receive the light of blessing.

Message on June 1, 1992

In Rome


I could not even stand up today because of severe pains since yesterday. They were pains of pregnancy, pains that paralyzed one side of my whole body and pains that made me unable to lift or turn my head. I offered up these pains for the conversion of sinners.


The Mass had been scheduled in a church, so, I thought I would not be able to go to Mass today. But I had a strong desire to attend Mass and thought, "How wonderful it would be, if Mass could be celebrated in the hotel." What a surprise! Someone told me that Mass would be celebrated in the hotel.


So, I attended the Mass, supported by others. When I received Holy Communion, I smelled blood. My husband, Julio, the priest and others saw the Host bleeding in my mouth. I heard the gentle and merciful voice of Jesus at that time.


Do not worry. Follow Me with complete trust in Me. I will be with you all as I am with you now wherever you may be. When you come to Me always through Mary, My Mother, you will receive the light of blessing.


When Jesus finished speaking, all the pains in my body were gone. Everyone was clapping hands in joy and praised the Lord.


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