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1992June 2, 1992 - I intend to repel the darkness from this world that is turning into a vast desert.

Message on June 2, 1992

In Lanciano, Italy


We attended Mass in the church in Lanciano, where a miracle of the Blessed Sacrament had occurred during a Mass about 1,300 years ago. The Host changed to heart muscles and the Blood of Jesus in the chalice in the form of wine also changed to the form of human blood. They are being preserved in that church.


When Father Orbos consecrated bread and wine and lifted them up to God the Father, there was light pouring down upon him and, then, upon me and everyone else attending the Mass. I prayed after receiving the Eucharist.


"Too many people are committing sins with their tongues, causing wounds to each other. Give special blessings on their tongues so that they may praise the Lord . . . "


Then, I swallowed the Host. But a tiny piece of the Host remained on my tongue and was becoming larger. I was so surprised that I showed it to my husband, Julio. Other people also came and saw the small piece of the Host growing bigger and becoming bloody. They were crying loudly. At that moment, there was the warm but stern voice of Jesus from heaven.


I am Light. I am the Light of Love that chases away all the darkness. I intend to let all of you receive my Light of Love and, thus, to repel the darkness from this world that is turning into a vast desert.

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