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1992August 27, 1992 - The Spring of Mary's Ark of Salvation

Message on August 27, 1992


On August 26, 1992, while praying, I (Julia) saw a vision of the Blessed Mother climbing up a mountain, carrying several large bundles of soiled clothes and linens, one on her head, two in her hands, and another pushed forward with her feet.  She stopped near a large creek where crystal-clear water was flowing and began washing the clothes and linens. 


Down the stream not far from where the Blessed Mother was, many people were pleasantly playing like innocent children, washing their hands and feet and even their whole bodies, fluttering in the water, and drinking the water when they became thirsty.  It was a happy scene.     


The next day (August 27), I went with Fr. Chang and several volunteer helpers to find the place which I had seen in the vision.  We found it at Sin-Gwang-Ri, Dashi-Myun in Naju City.  When we reached that place, I heard the beautiful voice of the Blessed Mother filled with joy and love:  


The Blessed Mother:
My extremely beloved daughter! As I prepared at this place through you, a little soul, the spring of Mary's Ark of Salvation so that all the children in the world may drink it, dip themselves in it, and wash themselves with it, dig the spring without delay.  This Mother of yours will call all the children in the world to this place and will wash away dirt from them and wipe them clean who have been molested by the secular world and enslaved by pride and evil habits, and their souls and bodies have become sick.  Thus, I will even penetrate what have been clogged and open them so that they can lead a new life of resurrection.
As I do not want even a single soul to be condemned and go to hell, I will let even the wickedest sinners come to the spring of Mary's Ark of Salvation and drink the water, dip themselves in the water, and wash themselves with it repenting their sins.  Thus, I will heal their sick souls and bodies.  
My beloved daughter!  Because God the Father has allowed free will to humans, I cannot help them if they do not accept the opportunity to earn eternal merits that can be stored in the treasure warehouse in the Heavenly Kingdom which this Mother has offered them so anxiously imploring them shedding tears of blood.
Nevertheless, as my Immaculate Heart loves not only your souls but also your bodies, I want to realize the Lord's promise through you at this place today thanks to your unconditional sacrifices and love.
Thus, as your bleeding sacrifices and help are needed to make even the wickedest sinners return to my Bosom of Love, offer up more sacrifices and reparations so that the amazing miracle of love performed by the Lord, Who turned water into wine at the wedding banquet in Cana, may be repeated through the miraculous water from the spring here which is a crystallization of my love and will become an amazingly effective medicine for souls and bodies.


After hearing the Blessed Mother's words, I began digging the ground with bare hands.  Every time I dug the ground, a stream of water gushed out, and this was repeated until there were seven streams of water.  When I dug for the eighth time, the seven streams merged into one large stream gushing out forcefully.  Thus, the Words of Jesus on January 18, 1990: 'Before long, I will give you a miraculous spring at a location not far from your place so that love and grace will overflow and souls and bodies will be healed.' were fulfilled. 


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