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1992December 14, 1992 -Come closer to me, overcoming different nationalities and national borders.

Message on December 14, 1992


From 6:30 p.m., I relayed the Blessed Mother's messages to those who gathered in the Greenbelt Church in Manila, the Philippines. In the middle of the prayers, there was a bright light from above. When I looked, I saw it coming from a picture of Jesus, Who was opening His arms. The light was radiating like sunlight and shone upon all those who were in the church. At that moment, the Blessed Mother appeared near the Crucifix, smiling warmly and wearing a white dress and a blue mantle. When she opened her arms, a strong fragrance of roses filled the church. The Blessed Mother spoke in a very friendly and soft manner.


My beloved children! Come to me in a hurry and entrust yourselves to me completely with faith and trust. I, your Heavenly Mother, will be with you always.
I am Mother to all of you. Come closer to me, overcoming different nationalities and national borders. When you believe my words and follow me totally, my protection and love will be with you and great blessings by God will be bestowed upon you.


Then, the Blessed Mother dropped some roses on us. Almost all the people present there, except some who were closing their eyes, saw the light and the Blessed Mother. Even those with closed eyes testified that they felt the light and the presence of the Blessed Mother. Some people picked up the fresh rose petals. 



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