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1993January 23, 1993- How numerous are false prophets these days!

Message on January 23, 1993

I had much pain, but went to the Chapel to pray before the Blessed Mother's statue and to offer New Year's Day greetings to Jesus and the Blessed Mother. I offered my greetings in union with the loving hearts of the Holy Father, Bishops, priests, religious and all the helpers in the world for the Blessed Mother in Naju. Suddenly, it became bright around the statue and the statue turned into the beautiful, living Blessed Mother. She spoke with a warm, friendly and yet anxious voice.

"My beloved daughter! Thank you for your loving hearts and offerings. I bless all of you. I want you all to stay in my peace and become instruments of peace among all your neighbors.

How numerous are false prophets these days! They have fallen into the devil's deception and are spreading all kinds of untrue information as messages from me. That way, they are confusing my children and promoting disorder to neutralize and dilute my messages. This causes me much pain. You are also being persecuted and criticized with so many preposterous accusations. Despite such misunderstanding, have no fear, but follow me entrusting everything to me.

Daughter! I am always with you. Why are you so worried? The devil is so violent that he is even mobilizing some of my priests in driving my messages into a whirlpool of confusion. For this reason, a terrible danger is pressing down upon the world and the hour of apostasy and betrayal is drawing near. The degradation of the human race is worsening everyday and the world is standing on the edge of a cliff. Humans are bringing about their own destruction. Because they are not following the Lord's Words and my messages of love, many chastising warnings are falling upon them: earthquakes, floods, droughts, traffic accidents, fires, hunger, disease, major destructions, many kinds of ecological disasters, abnormal climates . . . Even so, they do not wake up, making my Heart burn and burn so much that I shed tears of blood.

Daughter! Let's pray more fervently for the human race which is bringing about its own destruction and for the Church and the Pope. The whole human race must convert in a hurry, before it cries out in fear.

There will be persecutions, as the Church gets wounded and divided, but offer up this hour of death agony well. I want all of you to stay in warm kindness to each other and in prayers of deep silence. Respect the dignity of humans and practice true love by helping those who have nothing instead of helping the lofty, and by finding and giving love to those who are poor, hungry and sick and becoming their friends. Prepare a place where you can welcome those who wander around and suffer; give clothes to those who have no clothes; give a warm and merciful parental care to the handicapped; and give comfort to those who have been hurt.

Your inner suffering and bleeding is severe, but follow me, remembering that the Lord of Love is preparing a place of sacred joy and satisfaction for you in the Heavenly Garden. I will always be at your side and encourage and help you. So, do not lose hope, but entrust everything to me. Good bye! An-nyoung!"

When the Blessed Mother finished speaking, the light disappeared, too. Her appearance returned to that of the statue, but the fragrant oil streamed down the statue. The fragrant oil had been flowing since November 24, 1992.

May the fragrant oil that Mother gives us wash away dirt from the whole world and make it clean!


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