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1993January 26, 1993 - The Pope is My Father's beloved son and Peter's successor.

Message on January 26, 1993


At about 5 p.m., I was in deep meditation about the Holy Father under the Crucifix in my room. A while later, I was startled at hot air suddenly blowing at me. My body became hot and was sweating very much. At that moment, the room became filled with the fragrance of roses. I was wondering if the Blessed Mother was coming. But there was the warm voice of Jesus! It was a voice overflowing with a warm, merciful Love.



"Daughter! I feel the love of a little soul in your heart, as you think you are poor, unworthy and weak. That is why I have entrusted the work to you. So, do not worry too much.
My little soul! I will embrace you in My Heart of burning Love, as you cry out for having nothing but your shamefulness and for being so unworthy and unqualified.
Who can save this world where the devils are spreading so many errors and sins? I can. Then, who am I? I am Power to the little and weak and the King of Love. Can you understand this?
My beloved little soul! I do not forsake your praying heart. Didn't I guide Peter's small boat to safety? Do not trust human power in trying to accomplish anything. You will suffer much amidst numerous hidden rocks and enemies traps, but will achieve the final victory in My burning Sacred Heart.
When you feel humble and weak, you resemble My Mother. Now, pray harder for the Pope. He always stands alone on Calvary, tired and lonesome. He is My Father's beloved son, Peter's successor and my Vicar whom I have chosen. My enemies are becoming more active by employing all the available means to topple him. All of you must display the power of love by following him and uniting with him in prayer and loyalty and sharing his cross, as the devil is planning violent attacks on him by deceiving humans in cunning ways through those who are close to them and, thereby, making them disobey the Pope, who is the Shepherd of the whole world.
If you live according to the Father's Will, live a life based on the Gospels, and put My Mother Mary's messages of love into practice, My beloved Vicar, the Pope, chosen from the whole world, will be safe and peace will come to the world. Listen to My Words and keep them in your hearts. If you refuse to live a life based on the Gospels and reject the messages of love that My Mother gives you so anxiously imploring with tears of blood, this desert-like world will experience a crisis.
It is not too late yet. Come to My Bosom of Love in a hurry. Didn't My Mother Mary also remind you that if you repent hurriedly and come back to me saying "Yes", I will not question your past, but will embrace you in My Sacred Heart burning with Love and will bless you in the Name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?"

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