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1993May 27, 1993- I will wash numerous souls who are walking toward hell.

Message on May 27, 1993


Fr. Raymond Spies, who loves the Blessed Mother, came to Naju and was praying in front of the Blessed Mother's statue in the Chapel. I was also standing before the statue. At about 11:30 a.m., I almost fell down because of a strong light from the Immaculate Heart of Mary and knelt. At that moment, the Blessed Mother, who was shedding fragrant oil, began speaking softly with a very friendly and kind voice.


My beloved daughter! Why do you hesitate at this hour when you should enter the battle? God's mercy will take root at this fertile place, which will be prepared with love, and accomplish miracles of love through you, my children. Therefore, hurriedly invite Fr. Spies and Fr. Chang, who have accepted my call, to the mountain chosen through you. Following the Will of God, Who gave you free will, I am going to make that place a shrine of mine and wash numerous souls who are walking toward hell.


Because the light was so strong, I fell down on the floor. Then, I heard some whispering sounds. There was something that I could not see clearly, but it looked like the devil. Suddenly, he began attacking me and pressing me down hard on my chest many times until it became badly bruised. It was difficult for me to breathe. Soon, the Blessed Mother appeared and the pain and tension on my chest eased. She was wearing a blue mantle as usual. She opened her arms and looked down. A bright light was surrounding her and shining upon the people below. Everyone whom I saw in the vision received the light from the Blessed Mother. Nearby, there was the stream of water that the Blessed Mother gave us. She resumed speaking with a kind voice.


THE BLESSED MOTHER:                      
My beloved priests! Do not forget my wish to bestow upon all of you the combined love from the Sacred Heart of Jesus and my Immaculate Heart that are burning, but follow me energetically and courageously, united in complete trust and love and with the faith that has been entrusted to you.
All the priests in the world! How corrupt and polluted this world is! Promotion of dissensions through intrigues and contradictions, sacrilegious activities, irresponsible behaviors, slanders because of jealousy, greed the desire to possess all instead of sharing with others, corruption through avarice, and the attempt to justify all kinds of moral disorders through pride all these are the cunning enemies that make souls decay. 
Because people join forces with the devil through their pride, they, even without realizing themselves, become wolves that wear sheepskin and plunder habitually and drive numerous sheep mercilessly into a whirlpool of confusion.
For this reason, I want to call the souls who have been contaminated with these evils and are walking toward hell to my bosom of love and fill all their deficiencies. When you forsake yourselves totally and follow me trusting my words that I give you through the little, poor soul whom I have chosen, God of the Blessed Trinity will give His bright light to all through you, who are His little workers, and there will be a new Pentecost.


When Fr. Spies heard about the Blessed Mother's call and was leaving the Chapel for the mountain, a rainbow-like circle of light appeared around the sun. This light became stronger when we arrived at the mountain. The Blessed Mother appeared in the sky above the Miraculous Spring. She looked the same as in the vision I saw in the Chapel. She said with a beautiful voice, "The bright light that surrounds the sun represents my love and my presence." Soon, she disappeared.


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