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1991March 25, 1991 - As birth comes nearer, pains will intensify.

Message on March 25, 1991

The Blessed Mother's statue had shed tears since February 18 and, this morning, shed much blood from her eyes and nose. Her cheek, dress and the cloth under the statue became very wet. Her voice came from the statue which looked so sorrowful.

Daughter! Pray more. This world should not be left to be destroyed because of the violence by the devil, the enemy of the Cross, as Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed despite the fervent wish by Abraham, because there were not even ten just people. Too many children are rejecting my eager pleas made with blood and joining hands with the Red Dragon, enabling him to promote errors and moral slackness among people and make them live in sins. Thus, they destroy human dignity by inducing people to commit murders through so many abortions. I am imploring you, because I cannot look at or listen to these any more.

Accept me warmly with prayers, sacrifices, reparations and the offerings of consecrated hearts and sufferings. Thus, wipe away my tears and tears of blood shed for you by letting me live in your everyday life. By doing so, you will be preparing a place where Jesus, Who will be coming in glory, can reside.

You must also remember that, as birth comes nearer, pains will intensify. Because governments, peoples and societies are resisting the God of justice, they become surrounded by a huge darkness. Because they are not opening their doors widely to Christ Who is coming, various tribulations and agonies are resulting. Therefore, all the children of the world! Become even lowlier souls and follow me with confidence. As the difficulties intensify, I will stay closer to my little souls and become their strength. When all the children accept me well and put the messages of love into practice, the darkness of disorder will be defeated through the light of God's great mercy. I hope my urgent pleas will reach all the corners of the world through you.

The Blessed Mother continued to weep.


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