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1991May 23, 1991- What you have lost in the world will turn into eternal joy by gaining me.

Message on May 23, 1991

At about 4 p.m., I went to the Chapel and began praying together with a priest and a layman who love the Blessed Mother and had decided to consecrate themselves to her. While we were praying, the Blessed Mother's eyes became teary. Suddenly, there was light and the Blessed Mother began speaking with a soft, quiet and loving voice through her statue.


Yes, my dear children! I have called you as my instruments to give an eternal refuge to those souls who are thirsty and starving for love and are wandering around. Hold my hands more humbly and offer up your sacrifices and reparations, following me for the conversion of sinners.

Now, the time for victory is approaching. Follow me without delay. I will use you, through my beloved little soul, as the guides for the numerous souls who are repaying so much love with insults and are committing sins against the Lord.

When you renounce your ego and follow me completely by practicing my messages of love and by making my Immaculate Heart that is burning with love known to all the children in the world, you will experience pains. But your souls will be purified and made stronger, as gold becomes purified in fire. If you follow me in unity among yourselves, what you have lost in the world will turn into eternal joy by gaining me .

I wish to accomplish miracles of love through you who are unworthy. With all your strength, strive to realize my love with unity among yourselves. I will always be with you.


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